Discussing :: How much time do you spend with your significant other?


How much time do you spend with your significant other?

...A girlfriend of mine asked me this question today.....and I told her we try to spend as much time as we can with each other if we are not working but we also like to have our me times as well...and it seems to be working so far.... ..So it made me wonder and ask how much time do you spend with your partners....is it enough time, is it quality time....do you make the most of it.....what are your thoughts about this?


we hang out at least 4-5 times a week and she would stay over prb about 3 of those nights we are both really independant so works well for us to not always be around each other

...that's an interesting point because some couples have better relationships because of having that time apart and some can't stay away from each other...which in both instances if it works well for both couples isn't a bad thing...if it works it works why break it......


It's a third of our lives.... Have to admit that some of our best time together is when we are asleep in bed - no demands, no expecttations - just comfortably side by side together in our own little dream worlds!


oh hell yeah i love a girl who i can say - im going to go do this and she goes yeah not keen im going to do my own thing ill catch you afterwards

...hahaha sounds just like me....lol


We live & work together so we spend a lot of time together. Our best time of the day is just before the kids are picked up from school when we sit down with a coffee for 20 minutes and hang out.


...my boyfriend just said GetFrank and Chelsey are stealing his precious time...I said 10 more mins which really means 20....lol


.....does living @ the same address count....a big house has it's advantages.....3 lounges for 3 people and the cat....quality time could be it's antithesis- knowing you are together but getting on with your own things and enjoying your space and privacy while still being together in a sense......knowing you can be alone but never lonely.

...good point WG and yes I think it does count....big houses do have there advantages.....you can always have your us time and your me time and the significant other knows where you are and vice versa..... which is an interesting take on the question......


'tick tock tick tock' if your watching the clock there's something amiss. imho it's not necessarily the time spent as it is the time required for happiness for both people. i've found sometimes it's great to spend every waking minute and other times it's great to have that ever essential personal space for developing own interests/friends etc. at the end of the day it probably comes down to communication and not a number for a gauge of your relationship.

...quality over quantity me thinks....

indeed deedee


I have house envy - 3 houses for 3 people


mmm...yesterday ??? 3h 14m 26s....not including sleeping (and not sleeping- we are talking quality time here)...most of it watching SoHo....that's what stop watches are for (but not for toilet breaks- there's only so much I am willing to reveal on GF !!!)


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