Discussing :: How do you keep that spark going after so many years...?


open communication, always works and all the good things will flow on from that and even little quirky shows of affection or showing each other moments special for both of you, even if you have kids, make time for each other even the most little things can have the biggest effect


Communication is the key.......and time on your own is also very important. Don't let the hectic pace of everyday life stop you from spending quality time with your partner


Knowing what makes your partner happy and fills them with Love is the key - If you learn their love language and act on it appropriately then it should be pretty much plain sailing.. There are 5 languages of love; Quality Time Words of Affirmation Gifts Acts of service Physical Touch Identifying, understanding and acting upon your partners love language will keep them happy. Read the Five Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman to learn more.


A friend suggested that really it's more about being inspired by the other half to be a better person - in that case wouldn't the relationship keep sustaining itself? More than just a spark that fades over time..


Little white pills. True.


Little things like a love note, loveheart lollies on the pillow, a flower from the garden etc


Have your own hobbies and activities. Then you have a bit of time to unwind by yourself and things to talk about afterward. Also, figure out what motivates them and exploit the hell out of it (gifts, surprise messages, back massages, making dinner or cleaning...).


Definitely date nights without the kids. Leaving naughty notes around the house (where thekids won't find it). Make sure you talk about what happened during the day so you feel connected.


Find a level of contentment, worry only about your relationship and enjoy seeing your other half happy and content, do what you both want, there are no rules or guidelines, you make your own as you go along .respect each other and be grateful for each day.

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