Discussing :: How do you keep that spark going after so many years...?


How do you keep that spark going after so many years...?

Well how do you?I guess still being able to have a laugh together,nights out without the kids...Bussiness trip during the monthly cycle....Any good suggestions?

Staying Positive is the Best Spark for everything!


Have a date night, after the kids go to bed do something different, turn the tv off, make a special dinner! so bubbles!!! Or get a baby sitter. We do swaps for baby sitters with friends, keeps the cost down.


My biggest thing is being able to talk to each other! Having a good chat about events, joking laughing, thats what makes me realise how lucky I am to have my other half!


Sounds like such a cliché but it is really about communication. If your open to each other, listen well and respect what each other has to say it helps will harmony and respect in the relationship. We don't do anything romantic as we have our hands full raising our 4 children. But, every night after all the kids are in bed we sit and chat to each other. I feel this brings us closer (been together 13 years) and that intimacy makes me find my husband even hotter than the day we first meet. Plus, doesn't hurt that he keeps in top shape and looks handsome.


presents :D


Spontaneity! Who doesn't like a pleasant surprise, an adventure or something a bit naughty to spice things up.


Just get back into your era, play your favourite music, and cook the dinner you both first shared together. Avoid using up your 'our time' by discussing the kids, how many of us have craved that night out only to wind up talking about school events etc. It's actually quite fun rediscovering each other.


Random displays of affection work for me....that out of the blue hot passionate kiss or loving hand hold when least expected :)


Keep them guessing then there intrigued and excited.


Cook dinner for her, you will her knight in shining armour for the night, or is it knight with shiny pots.

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