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Having Shared Interests

I find that if my wife & I make an effort to appreciate what the other is interested in then we spend way more valuable time together and have lots more things to talk about other than the daily problems. She has always been like a friend so I have no problem ditching my male friends to take her fishing instead, even though it tests my patience in baiting & detangling. And I've spent way more time in art galleries & museums than I ever thought I would or tramping around hills for her photos. I see lots of couples with good relationships also have a shared interest like motorsport, gardening etc. Who else finds it better to do things together rather than going off to do your own thing?


I find it best to have a balance between the two. There are things that we both enjoy that brought us together. But my partner having their own hobbies and interests provides us with new and interesting things to talk about that we both don't already know about.


I think it helps to have a lot of shared interests so you can do stuff together and you certainly have a lot to talk about which is vital in a healthy relationship. It is also good to have a few interests of your own so you can share these experiences with each other as well.


Shared interests are important in a relationship. I have a wife who loves fishing too...but I do struggle trying to share her love of shopping!


my partner and I both met over a shared interest and we found there were other interests we both enjoyed too, and the ones we don't enjoy together we compromise on and so far its worked


Its really good to have a couple of shared interests - but still if you have your own things thats good, too many shared interests can lead to being in each others pockets too much.

And you have plenty to talk about, I try to take an interest in fishing but my eyes glaze over after a while, but I love seeing him get excited about new spots or toys he has bought for fishing, I rather imagine he feels the same about my love of running (he understands that he needs 10 rods like I need 20 pairs of Nikes) and boxing, although he has learnt not to sneak up on me in the dark!


I have learned that shared interests seem to be more important for Woman than Men but the most important one is to find a partner with a similar belief system otherwise it can create real problems.


I used to think it was the be all and end all of a relationship, but I love me time, I love to spend my one day off a week reading on the couch sometimes, and while we have been training for the Mule NZ (check it out, its going to be awesome, roll on snowy cold Queenstown and a British paratrouper set obstacle course yikes!) we realised that A) He hates running, B) He also cant run and C) We are so competitive that one of us will have to die before we give in! Im super amped for it (and not going to lie Im fitter) but Im pretty excited to see just what he is capable of because I know he wont let me out do him, Im so impressed he wants to tackle an event together! Darren you will probably cringe to hear Ive never fished (Is that the word) and he is an avid fisherman, he collects rods & reels like I collect Nikes, Ill try it once to hush him up, but I have a huge fish phobia so it will be interesting! Long story short, some things should be shared (like a lust for life, morals, goals, dreams and hopes) but hobbies dont have to be shared, just appreciated that its what floats our individual boats that makes us a great match :)


Its good but opposites attract!


It's nice to have shared interests because it helps you bond with your partner, but you also need some activities that are just for yourself... otherwise you'll just drive each other crazy!

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