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Friends with Benefits?

Has any one had a relationship like this? How long did it last? How did it work out? What was the relationship before you started the 'benefits'? Are you still friends?


Before me an my partner got together (being together 3 yrs) we were friends with benefits an no strings etc... we ended up falling for each other about 4 months after having the fun. Now we are happily together with a 6 month old daughter. It really depends on both outlooks, some females can get really attached where others will just go with the flow, but same goes for males to!


Great ending, Doug! In my relationship he was a Republican (and I'm definitely not) so there was no chance of it going further. In fact, that's why we broke it off. He kind of wanted more, but I knew it wouldn't work. He still contacts me every so often which only serves to remind me why it would NOT have worked :)


I did when I was studying at Uni, gave a new twist to the word study buddy lol it went on for just over two year he was an international student from Argentina and was doing his last two years in NZ, it was fun we knew what we were in for we always talked about it if it got into the point of being awkward or weird and we are still very good friends my partner and I travelled to Argentina and stayed with him and his family and we had a great time, my partner new about our goings on at Uni and wasn't phased at all which surprised me and his partner is great too, it does seem weird though but I think what kept us still friends till now is how we communicated and our sense of humours that help out a lot

Sounds great to me. And Argentinian men are hot ;)

I know they are smoking hot....luckily my partner is a mix of Cuban and Maori and has lovely green eyes so he definitely fills the void....lol


Sorry guys l thinks it just like in the movie, it will have hooks


I don't think it has to have hooks. I think we are conditioned, by Hollywood (amongst other things) to have a very narrow idea of what a relationship should look like - one man, one woman, similar age, similar backgrounds, etc. If we stop thinking about what we've been programmed to believe is 'right' then perhaps we'd be more open to a lot of different types of relationships.

I know a lot of people who believe or use movies particularly Hollywood movies as a guideline to certain aspects of their lives....romantic comedies ring a bell!!!!.......personally I think its ridiculous and well if that is your example of life and circumstances something is wrong lol.........then again you have to be a great script writer to capture some an audience in such a way....however I can separate the two worlds of film and realty and think life is just a box of chocolates for it......lmao

It's true, and sometime you get the turkish delight - ick!


Reality is often very different from the movies, especially rom-coms...

I've had times when my life was EXACTLY like a rom-com, or a drama. Not at the moment though, more like one of those dull reflective art movies they make you watch in film school. Zzzzzzzzz

Haha - no, it's not that bad. But it's not as exciting as you might think if you read my facebook feed :D


I find its hard to keep a woman around and not have them get to attached. It sucks because if it ends you're back to square one. But I have found by being honest and up front there have been no hurt feelings and we're still friends in the end.


My current girlfriend was an FWB at the start, first we were best mates then we started sleeping together but ending up falling for each other. I think it's easy said that done having a "no string attached" arrangement. But, it was the start of a genuinely good relationship so maybe starting out as FWB is the way to go?


When I was much younger than I am today and way before my partner came along, I had a friend with benefits, it started off at being just that until after a few months got a little bit to serious and turned to custard...so what do I reckon about friends with benefits??? it will only work if its understood that thats what it is...and feelings dont get involved

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