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Family Activities....

What fun activities have you got planned for this Labour weekend for the family.I guess for us it will be the regular trip to the Zoo...Kids can't see to get enough of The Zoo....Maybe they see some kind of resemblance....Any good suggestions...?


I go cycling with my 8 and 10 year old down the Hutt River bank. Depending on the wind in WGTN probably do 8-10 ks (they are regulars). If its crap weather probably take them to pools for 3-4 hours, I'll fall asleep (they are regulars) while listening to the radio, trying to win prizes and will get woken up by the kids asking for food. Also if it's sunny and you know you can't beat wellington on a good day while take them to Avalon Park for 3 hours, I'll fall asleep while listening to the radio, trying to win prizes and will get woken up by the kids asking for food.


Taking kids for a bush walk can be relaxing, make it fun and teach them about the land & environment along the way.


I tend to keep it simple. parks, schools, cycling etc if it's sunny. A fun swimming pool or dvd's if it's rainy. I don't like to spashs the cash on them as the more you spend the harder it is to please them next time.

Ain't that the truth! Sometimes the more you spend, both time and money, the worse they behave, and the more they expect. We've got local walkways and learning to ride the bikes in a parking lot on the list for a fine weekend soon.


A picnic in the botanic gardens, a walk around and a play at the park there, is always nice - depending on the weather - if you get caught out by the weather just set the picnic rug up in the lounge and have it anyway!


I just love going for a picnic at Wenderholm beach north of Auckland during the Summer months with the wife and kids. It's also a nice scenic drive on the way back home.


BBQ, jacuzzi, cooking in the house with family or helping wife will surly improve your love life, and if it doesn't then buy something for her.


Children never get tired of visiting the zoo - always new baby animals to see and coo over. Can play swingball, frisbee, cricket, bush walks, cycling tours....


Check out the local bush walks, take a picnic.


I love taking my 5 dogs for walks and enjoying a picnic lunch with them...:) x

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