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Doesn't Matter Where You Get Your Appetite So Long As You Come Home For Dinner

So how do we actually feel about this little bit of relationship philosophy? i mean from the receiving and giving end? Is it alright to discreetly check out girls/guys when you are involved with someone or is that crossing a line? I think personally it's natural to have a look, so long as it stays at that. If you're going to commit to someone then you have to keep your base urges in check, and keep it at a stealthy glance. I know that I am cool with my partner looking at and commenting about other men. I'm not silly enough to comment on other women in front of her (it seems a bit leery) but I think she knows I appreciate an attractive woman when i see one. In this day and age of short lived relationships is this type of behaviour ok? Or is it courting disaster? I'd be keen to here some feedback from both sexes.


Have you ever heard the frase you can look but not touch ,,,, that is supposed to be the way it is mate, if you go any further you've no one to blame but yourself, there's nothing wrong with looking everyone looks at anything sexy be it him or her


I think we all like looking at attractive things - art, nice sunsets, cars, picturesque locations and certainly good looking people. It's natural and as long as it's just looking I don't see any problem with it.


I am very happy with my partner and find i have no need to look.


I think if you are committed to your partner then there should be no need to look at other people.


One woman one man. It doesn't get any more complicated.


I think people who say they don't look are insecure about their relationship or lying about looking. If you're happy and comfortable it should even be something you can talk about. If you care for your partner and trust them you shouldn't be threatened by them looking around. I find it disrespectful to assume that people who see something they might find interesting can't control themselves more than a magpie. Show a bit of respect and trust people.


I don't think its appropriate. It doesn't show respect for your partner. I think you should only look at your partner like that.


I think its okay to of course, I think its only natural to look at a person who presents themselves well I don't see anything wrong with it and my partner is similar it's crossing that boundary that changes everything if I see I nice looking well kept guy of course I will comment on him and my partner is not phased and vice versa


its human nature to look at the opposite sex so no problem with that. In any relationship its about trust and how strong your relationship is. Relationships don't just happen they are bl....y hard work and both people have to work at it. Its not about one person gives and the other one takes.


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