Discussing :: Does yes mean no and no mean yes?


Does yes mean no and no mean yes?

How many men have been fooled by this? Are you one , tell me your tail and let me know the solution and out come.

Ooh, touchy subject. No means no and yes means yes. Unless she's not sure. Then, No means maybe And yes means maybe too. Hell, I'm gonna leave it there, I'm already nervous about being growled at by Fiona.

Cute Jason. But fairly accurate, as Deedee says below, No may turn into yes, and yes can turn into no. If we're talking about sex then I've certainly had situations where I've said no, and then through the course of the night/week/year something has changed and it's become yes. And by the same token I've said yes and then some thing they do repels me to such a degree it's become HELL NO and running for the door never to be seen again. I don't feel compelled to blindly stick to my opinion about anything. I'm flexible, and changeable, and I think that's a good thing.


reminds me of this How to treat a woman wine her, dine her, call her, hold her, suprise her, smile at her compliment her, listen to her, laugh with her, cry with her romance her, encourage her, believe in her, encourage her, cuddle with her, shop with her, give her jewellery, buy her flowers hold her hand, write love letters to her, Go to the ends of the earth and back for her. How to Treat a Man Show up naked! Bring wings and beer, Don't block the TV

Don't forget to give him the remote


No means hell no! and yes means yes pure and simply we are women, who can change our minds....if a women is all for it than yes but if they are all for it in the beginning and then change their mine then no means no.... I know it takes men a hell of a lot of restraint when a women says yes but then when we get really down to the crunch we may change our mines....with all that bellowing testosterone you guys have....us women would hope that our words are respected or at least you would have some self control and stop and ask or clarify, yes we could be unsure, we might have just touched hairy back or something....lol and you males must admit that women changing their minds is nothing new we change our mines all the time in daily life...more so to keep you males on your toes, but when it comes to an intimate setting....is she really saying no, nah she doesn't mean it?...unless that is part of some ritual fore play thing between you and your partner...then I believe yes means yes and no means no


no means no and yes means yes, but get a women on a bad day and no means no and yes means hell no. Very confusing for men, but you men confuse the hell outta us women too.


Is there a guide somewhere that explains how to tell, I've no idea !!!


It's really easy, outside of the experience, to say that 'No means No, and Yes means Yes' (if only our hearts were that black and white), but in application there can be a big grey area as to what is what. Firstly, if you're talking just about sex, rape is wrong, and anyone who forces a 'No' to somehow make it a 'Yes' has lost his humanity (if he ever had it). If we're talking about romantic intimacy (access to the heart), a lot of emotional foreplay can be involved, and sometimes a push is necessary to illicit the desired response. All going well, these little pushes are usually welcomed, as long as they remain playful. When you're being romantic, your heart is open, and these pushes are all part of breaking down our individual emotional barriers. Romance ensures that they are subtle, and in no way meant to hurt. But it's a wise man who realises when he's getting nowhere and retreats before he gets a very definite 'No' thrown in his direction. But again, retreat can also be seen as the wrong move, and you may find yourself being called back to take the challenge again, especially if she knows you're getting close. That's romance for you. There are many paths to success, and No can sometimes mean No, but it can also mean 'I need more help to open up' or simply 'I'm enjoying the game and I want you to keep trying.'


A few hundred years back it was the men that chose who to have sex with... I wonder what happened there?

And in most species it's the males who try to look stunning in order to woo the females. I wonder what happened there?


No. Jockey size XL please, thank you.


No means no at THAT moment same with yes. One NO means we are still negotiating, 3 NOs means NO BLOODY WAY


Human nature is rather unpredictable, and both men and women will often say one thing and mean another, either when they don't really know what they want themselves, or are trying to avoid upsetting someone else. I think our ability to communicate with one another is deteriorating anyway - I blame facebook, know what I mean? Yeah, nah.

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