Discussing :: Do you really give nothing when you agree with your partner not to get anything?!


gaww thats a hard one.. Usually we both would rather buy for the kids but sometimes we may buy for each other. We dont actually talk about gifts as they arent a big deal in our house.


um that's hard cause presents are supposed to be a surprise to be given when least expected but this is to say na we won't buy presents ever. no way we need to be surprised every now and again. I avoid the expected times and do it once a year on our anniversary. Romantic and still a surprise.


When its for a birthday, then we will usually give each other a nice surprise, but over Christmas we'll settle with something small. Then as and when there's some good special deal on or something that would be useful to buy, then we'll get it as a surprise (again). What can be better than to get a present out of the blue, for no apparent reason?!


I'd still like a small meaningful something and I'd like to think that they would like to receive one too. It's funny to think about it in that context though, and does sound a bit like mindgames I guess, but it's how you get to be surprised! Haha. I wouldn't spend much, but it'd be more a token of my love.


I would get them something that is mutually beneficial, and or meets a need that is relevant to upkeeping the house hold. A practical purchase, some what necessary.


My husband and I have been married for 11 years and we often agree to buy each other nothing. This causes no problems and if there is something we want at some stage then we get that ourselves.


my partner doesn't 'test' me telling me lies about what she wants, thankfully


well i used to get something little, as often it is the thought that counts ,but if you tell hubby not to ,then you can absolutely count on it he won't,so yep i have learnt the hard way, saying i dont want nothing, is not the thing to say if i really want something,just something little if often appreciated, now i just have to convince hubby of that.


I think you still need to get something little and thoughtful. You just don't have to spend a fortune.


this is a trap. when a woman states that we dont get anything for each other. They want something but want you to come up with something all on your own initiative . They wont give hints and they expect something. Usually jewellery


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