Discussing :: Do you really give nothing when you agree with your partner not to get anything?!


No I always get something. One year I got him nothing and am still living that down...even though he said no. I like him to tell me what he wants so I don't waste money trying to figure it out and getting something he won't use. It's his birthday soon...get nothing he says...yeh right...whatever........miss 14 said get a fluted barrel done on his gun....what the heck is that I ask.......I am no hunter, heck I don't even know where he keeps his guns...she is going to have to help me here.....


I have to get him something. I'm not made to not give pressies! But I would not expect to get anything In return.


Jenny hit the nail on the head on the first page


I tell my husband not to get me anything, and he doesnt. I tell him that because hes said buying for me is one of the hardest things hes ever had to do. So I tell him not to so he doesnt stress. Though I do wish sometimes he would surprise me.


Tricky, tricky, tricky!!! I'd say there is no right or wrong answer to this one - it very much depends on the person saying it! Some people really mean they don't want anything and will be pissed if you disobey their wishes and buy them something. Then there are those who want you to read between the lines...... The only advice is to know your partner - DO NOT ASSUME!


Yes I agree.Even if it is a small inexpensive gift the thought always counts....and also stops the nagging LOL..


Goodness no. You get something anyway or you are going to hear about the time you gave her nothing for years to come, or even if you don't it will be remembered. The exception is if you are absolutely sure that she doesn't want anything or if you are getting something for the family ie at Christmas time rather than individual gifts. I always get him something and he always says get me nothing. What annoys me is that then I get something he won't like or need. I like to be given options of what he wants so I can get him something he wants or needs.


We do this at valentines bu then always end up getting each other something, it's impossible not to even If its just homemade


LOL......OH yes... but you will do it only once, after you realise what a that SHE actually didn't really mean it!!!


always try my best to give 100%


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