Discussing :: Do you really give nothing when you agree with your partner not to get anything?!


I always get her flowers no matter what the arrangement is - then I have covered all my bases and don't end up in the dog box!


Better to be spontaneous rather than adhering to a preconcieved ritual so the element of surprise enhances the occasion and there is nothing to forget.


Spontaneity is always the key, only be in agreeance not to buy gifts if we are not in a situation to afford it, however the small things can certainly weigh up the big things....like breakfast in bed, foot massage, taking the kids out for an hour or two for some alone time, having dinner prepared and cooked etc these things count!!


You're being tested, of course you still give a lady a gift or card for a special occasion. But what ever happened to that spontaneous bunch of flowers or nice gester, don't lose the fire in your relationship. Keep it alive


You should always get something for your partner. Like the above poster said..it's a test! Whether you buy em the world or not they just want to know they're appreciated.


Always get your partner a present even if you agree not to just because a girl wants something to show off and she will think you are extra sweet for getting her something. Just don't go over board or she will feel guilty if she doesn't get you anything


If a woman says "Don't get me anything" 9 times out of 10 she's just checking if you care enough to get her something thoughtful and romantic. If you get something, make it small but very thoughtful.


As a woman... it doesn't need to be a physical present, but yes, always get her/do something nice even when you've agreed not to get/do anything.
Any woman who pretends to not like a thoughtful surprise is LYING.


don't try it!! You need to get something - even if it's just some chocolate!


Giving nothing is the path to pain...as some others have said, even if it is something homemade or even a small indulgence like breakfast in bed, or cooking dinner, or even one of those less popular tasks like washing, ironing, lawn mowing perhaps...it's the thought that counts and nothing doesn't count at all...

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