Discussing :: Do you really give nothing when you agree with your partner not to get anything?!


Do you really give nothing when you agree with your partner not to get anything?!

What are your thoughts on gift giving when you and your partner decide to save a bit of money and just buy presents for others? Personally, I will still get something...even if I have to make it by hand!


Hell no!!! If 17 years of marriage has taught me anything, it's to READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!! Not everything is as cut and dried as this...your wife WILL be expecting you to surprise her with something even if shes told you not to...otherwise it'll be well into the New Year before you're intimate again...


I would still get something "little" but would not expect anything!


If youre talking about a woman then you had better surprise her - she will feel stink - or have cheated too. Buy yourself something and if you get the "Oh I havent got you anything" you can do the old "Thats OK - I bought myself this from you" and get double brownie points and a good laugh!


I persume it really depends on how hard and fast you both are on rules.... do you break them occasionally or are you sticklers and don't budge on other things?


I always get something even if we agree on not getting anything, it usually is something that we both use, or enjoy. like last year i got her some lollies from the states that you cant get here. !


Haha, I am sure when a partner says "don't bother buying me a gift", they really are just testing you and they most certainly do expect you to buy them something at least.


Na, I agree with the others. You have to get them something even if your not expecting anything in return (well present wise anyway!).


I don't get my wife anything. Generally we don't have enough money, at Christmas time, it's about the kids now. And besides' I work hard to provide week in and out, surely that counts as enough..


I still do this as well! Tell my husband well give gifts for each other a miss, but I still end up getting him something. I dont mind if I dont get anything.


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