Discussing :: Do you argue?


Absolutely - you need to vent every now and again - better to get things resolved early than to let them fester.


Hell yeah - arguing is healthy and gives you a chance to air your views. I hate boring conversations


Its healthy to disagree sometimes however it pays never to end the day mad at each other.


It is healthy to argue but best to resolve any major tiffs before bedtime. Start each new day afresh.


Only with myself, my cats and dogs for now...lol Stupid question in the first place because everyone argues sometimes...:)


It's a healthy conversation to clear the air.


Arguments solve nothing but debating an issue without it getting heated is great but not easy to do.


I think arguments are healthy and enjoy a good debate. People are different and have different views and should feel ok about disagreeing with others.


Argue more than is good for me. I must be getting older because recently I said 'convince me with the strength of your argument not the strength of your abuse' in an argument.


Arguing is over rated, best just go for a little sulk, remind yourself how petty the issue is and move on. If you get into arguments, you will inevitably say something offensive that you didn't mean and then the issue becomes about what you just said instead of you not putting your dirty undies in the washing basket.

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