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Everyone argues, it just takes a big person to know when to walk away and let the other person think that they have won the argument :)


Who doesn't argue now and then? It is when you argue all the time, that your relationship is in trouble...:(


I am in the country with my pets, so only with them...much better than most people...lol :) x


If you dont disagree (read argue) from time to time then perhaps you are either both lame as you do not challenge each other or you do not communicate enough. If you agree with everything that your wife/GF/Husband/BF says wouldnt that be the most boring relationship in the world??!!??! There is nothing wrong with a difference of opinion. in fact it is healthy. Dont you think? Yes dear!


No I bloody don't argue!


weekly its healthy


Arguments are healthy in a relationship, but you need to stop a fight in it's tracks. Try a bit of humour with a piece of humble pie, it works every time.


Yes its healthy, especially if you want to get your own way!!!!


Yes, argue but only take it as far as I think I need to take it, that is till I win :)


Arguments or robust discussions are fine as long as you resolve them before bedtime.

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