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After thirteen years together we've never really argued. Disagreed & been grumpy, yes, but never a yelling match or sleeping on the couch...works just fine for me!


I think not arguing means you have a good level of communication. 6 years into a relationship for me, we have had threeish minor arguments and we have been through unemployment, health issues, money issues... I know we probably will, but we can handle it. There is probably a good reason why your ex is your ex!


If you argue alot then there must be a lot of problems in the relationship. Best to find another girlfriend who is more compatiable to you as I hate conflicts in a relationship.


Definitely argue with the other half.....lots!! I figure it's the whole opposites attract thing. We disagree on heaps of stuff, but it still seems to work!


Yes we do...no we don't..yes we do..oh I don't bloody know!


Its not natural to never argue! A good healthy debate is great for a relationship.


If you didn't argue then there would be no making up afterwards!!!!!!!


You need to think about what your goals are in an argument. Too often I see couples trying to get 'one-up' in an argument, but if you asked them, they wouldn't know what they wanted to achieve. If you really want your opinion heard on a decision that needs to be made, there's no need to get heated. Of course, if someone has done something wrong (cheating, spending rent money without asking etc.) then an argument might be justified.


An argument is just a robust discussion conducted in a slightly louder voice


What a STUPID question and I could start an argument right now!...in regards to it. WHO DOESN'T???

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