Discussing :: Do you argue?


If you're single you can have an argument by yourself... but perhaps that would be a sign of insanity. That's a positive to being single. However it's not just a partner that you argue with, it can be family and friends as well.


I think that anyone in an actual engaging relationship will understand that at times we all have different opinions, but we need to take in others ideas to understand where they're coming from, even if you don't agree with them, everyone's different.


Hell yes a good healthy argument is great!


It's healthy to clear things off your chest else you sit and stew.


we argue it clears the air and there are no pent up feelings that will fester and grow in to something completely out of proportion


we have our moments, but the longer we are together the less we tend to argue,no kids at home now, so that sure helps as often its about kids or money, but after 22 yrs we are much more compatible now than ever i think,if that makes any sense LOL


If you don't agrue then that's great, however arguing is generally caused by having a different opinion and sometimes that's healthy!@ I agrue all the time with my hubby but it's a healthy argument and sometimes you have to agree to disagree.


I try to avoid it.


not very often but after an argument the fun of making up out weighs the argument.


Only when I'm right.


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