Discussing :: Do you argue?




yep, sometimes, but only about little thing


I think it is natural to argue to a certain degree in any relationship, as long as it doesn't get out of hand. I don't know of anyone that doesn't argue, just don't go to bed angry.


Yes, I think it is healthy. You need to clear the air sometimes. As long as it is constructive in the end.


Yes cause he's annoying!! ha ha. Get back to work. I think its healthy too.


I do my best not to argue but sometimes I just can't help myself. Usually unjustified and often a reaction to being already tired and annoyed by something else and no doubt I end up saying sorry.


mmm maybe I have the wrong girl... but we have 2 great kids so we must be doing something right. I think stress plays a big part!


A relationship without a little arguing would be a little dull but if you argue all the time it's time to decide whether or not you need to be in the relationship at all.


We don't argue. If you disagree it should suffice to talk it through, note the stuff you disagree on and move on making a point to meet halfway or go with whoever had the better reasoning. None of that 'agreeing to disagree' shite, it's like saying 'yeah you can have your opinion but I know I'm still right'. Lifes too short to be angry at those who put up with your shit the rest of the time ;D....


after almost 8 years together we have very few arguements now but early one we had tons due to people sticking their noses into our relationship.. with them out of the way we only have the "normal" arguements about money etc


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