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Don't call it arguing - healthy debate sounds much better and is vital to any relationship! It's making sure that it ends well without bad feeling that is important.


Who doesn't! It's a way of moving forward. Plus the make up sex is always good. ;)


Yep for sure we argue. but its constructive arguing ... well thats what i think anyway.


is the pope catholic? keeps it healthy and happens that time of the


It's good to vent - it gets things out in the open and then you can both move on.


Arguing.... I thought it was just a good ole "healthy debate".... of which the female normally wins.


I think that as relationships mature, it becomes easier to have heated discussions about irks and gripes. As long as things dont get too personal and old issues dont rise up again. its healthy for couples. it helps to air out differences. When the arguements get nasty and bitter. thats when it is time to either quit or start patching the cracks up.


Arguing in a relationship is normal and healthy. I would be worried if everything was that perfect!


We have disagreements at times, I wouldn't say full on fights though (even after nearly 20 years of being together). We always sort it out and that's the main thing...don't be to proud to say sorry.


we used to argue constantly at times but over the last 3 years we have only minor disagreements

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