Discussing :: Do you argue?


Arguing isn't necessarily bad for a relationship ,it's how you argue that's important so I'm told ,and it can clear the air and resolve issues ,but if you are constantly arguing I would say there's a problem,and you aren't too happy,it's normal to have differences ,and not always get along ,it's how you deal with them that' makes or breaks your relationship.


Well, arguing itself is not the negative part. In fact, arguing can be a good sign in a relationship rather than those relationship in which a couple never disagrees, for when a couple argues, it reveals their confidence in revealing their differences to each other, which is a good sign because it means that neither of you is afraid to express your true selves in the relationship. When a person keeps quiet in a relationship and never really expresses what they are feeling or thinking about, is never a good sign and proves that there is lack of security in the relationship, which will continue to worsen over time until the relationship ends on bitter terms, due to the resentment one would build towards the other for feeling unable to open up to him or her. No couple is 100% alike, nor would anyone really want to have a partner who is exactly like them. It is the arguingdifferences that keep a couple interested in each other, but there do come times when differences conflict and arguments arise.


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