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Do you argue?

I've just realised that in the last nine months since being with my gf, we've only had one (minor) argument. Is this normal? My ex and I used to fight all the time - probably at least monthly over the 6 years we were together. How often do you fight? Do you consider it to be a healthy part of your or any relationship?


We don't argue- just let her win...saves the bad vibes....I think a persons propensity to argue is just part of their character so if you get two in a relationship then it's all on and it's probably healthy for the dynamics.



we havent yet had a couple of grumpy moments but no anger at each other yet


Nup am lucky to say that we have had some light banter but it ended up making us laugh, so nothing serious at all. I suppose it comes down to both of us being so laid back, to how we communicate well with each other and to not take things to heart


I agree don't argue. You must have found the right girl, hold onto her.

are you insinuating that deedee is a lesbian?

Sorry l'm not a theropist, you may need to talk to someone more specialised in the area.


LOL not that I knock female on female action but I have always loved me a man for obvious reasons....but good on ya Clyde and Jabes......was good for a laugh.....btw Jabes I think he was referring to Jason's post....too funny!...lol


Damn, you pissed on my fireworks again!

You keep saying this. I've heard "Don't piss on my foot and tell me its raining", but pissing on fireworks... that just sounds dangerous, especially when you're talking to a woman.

And now, thanks to that mental image, any girl on girl fantasies are long gone!


THEROPIST- is that someone who ties you up for a (good) long time Clyde ?? mmmmmmmmm...must not go there but me thinks I cant help it. Can men indulge themselves as well ?

Should the term "Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage", be used in all walks of life or should it be strictly kept to Rugby.
Oops my mind is wondering ............... do l need to see a Theropist or will l argue the point.


I sense the thread wandering....


Yep....the ropist is wondering.


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