Discussing :: Do long distance relationships work?


Nah they don't work (unless one of the people is prepared to move in the future). I was in a "long" distance relationship, I was flatting in Upper Hutt and she was in Island Bay. Approx a 50 minute car ride (on a good day). She didn't drive so I was the one who was like a yo-yo going back and forward. The up and down, in and out (LOL) stuff was fun but my petol bill went through the roof and it took too much of my time. Even late night booty calls were a pain as she'd be alseep by the time I got to her house. We didn't want to live together so we ended it.


No. My girlfriend went to University in Otago and we tried. It was fun at the start but as funds were tight I could get there as much as I would have liked. However she keep putting her nite out photo's on facebook and it was obvious she was enjoying herself. I wasn't around enough and she moved on.


Im sorry, I have been to this situation twice, and have not learned my lesson well...it does not work! Love and relationship is something to share together not in a distance of time and space but right here and right now... two people in love join there journies in life, and have to deal the ups and downs of the relationship together not afar...Cheers!


A Update from my mate. He rang me last night as he's been thinking long and hard about what I said, so he ran it past his girlfriend that he might take 3 weeks annual leave over Xmas and go over to see if it might work. She shot him down saying she's happy with there arrangement at the moment. As a old mate I just pissed myself and started sings "shot down in flames, shot down in flames, ain't it a shame, to be shot down in flames...."


They do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. However, they also say when the cat's away.....


You both have to be fully committed and have no wandering eyes or hands.


I think by that description, that's not exactly a "relationship" but a hook-up. Long distance relationships have never worked in my opinion - I have been in several and they have all fallen apart in a matter of months. The latest one I was in was just after taking up a position in Christchurch and moving from one island to the other. I was flying her down every couple of weeks or going up there about once a month and we talked on the phone constantly, but she decided that she wasn't connecting enough with me - we had been together on and off for years before this. I also had a relationship with a woman who moved back to Germany - I was going to move over to be with her within 6 months of her arriving back there but with the distance (both time and kms), things just deteriorated between us and a lot of confusion happened when we couldn't explain things outside of text and calls. You need that connection.


I think that if both partners are loyal and love each other, absence does make the heart grow fonder.


Depends how long the relationship is.


No it just doesnt work as it ends up being a 'fling on the side' every time and not living in the real world. Find a local to have a relationship with and find out how to live in teh real world.


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