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Do long distance relationships work?

I caught up with a mate I hadn’t seen for a while for a few beers in the weekend. He said he hooked up with a tidy piece of Trim (his words) but she got a top job in Brisbane. They are still together and he flies over there once a month for a dirty weekend. 6 months on, she doesn’t want to move back to NZ and he has a child in NZ from another relationship so he doesn’t want to move to OZ. He reckons their relationships really works as they enjoy there time together and they don't have the day-to- day issues which can drive couples apart. I told him it sounds like he enjoys the ‘Holiday’ (with the on-tap benefits) away from NZ more than their relationships and if he doesn't plan to live in the same country with her, finish with her and find some trim in NZ. Not sure if that was the best piece of advice or what he wanted to hear but hey, at least I'm honest. So do long distance relationships work?


I don't reckon they do. Not in traditional or conventional sense anyway. Your mate sounds like he has an okay thing going but it's just a **** buddy arrangement really.


Not so much relationship but a *** buddy as Daryl pointed out. But it seems like that's what they're into. So it must be working for them. But I don't think it works.


Obviously not if your definition of a relationship is to be together rather than to-get-her. Sex is available everywhere and anytime but if love is what you are looking for then even a hundred miles is too far- there is just too much temptation out there.


They do to a certain degree I think. But at the end you both have to want the same thing. A weekend every few months is not a relationship!


He's kidding himself if he thinks his ***buddy relationship is anything more than a convenient weekend root while out of town. The "issues" that couple have because they are together is what forms a long lasting relationship where you actually know your partner. Anyone can find a nice piece of "Trim" for a dirty weekend but its the longterm stuff that truly matters. But hey, if your mates having a good time and no ones getting burnt, all the best to him!!!


they probably work as good as any


They work for a while then it comes to a point where you have to decide if it's more then just fun, if so something has to give and one has to move closer


You both really need to work on long distance relationships, i've a small number of friends who are totally dedicated to each other, it works - you must be both fully committed!


I knew a guy that went to Europe for a holiday and met a nice Dutch girl. He claimed to be having a 'long distance' relationship with her. Extreme I know. Convenient? Definitly. Turns out he was only trying to avoid the inevitable 'coming out of the closet.'

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