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Crikey Girls are fussy!

bored at home no action here or facebook so browsed chelsey forum! list of turn ons and turn offs! its nuts! Turn ons Confidence, sensitivity, beautiful strong hands, smells wonderful, good grooming, generosity, intelligence, muscular, caring, free spirit, modesty, good manners, reliability, charm, great smile, sexy voice, life of the party, funny, balanced, honest, open, no put ons, good teeth, the way he looks at you, easy to talk to, witty, loyal, even tempered, athletic, great kisser, wealth, power, sexy laugh, long eyelashes, thick hair, even tan, cool dresser, great car, ambitious, kind, good with kids, family man, down to earth, dynamic, takes charge, does what you ask, good cook, sportsman…. Something else? Turn offs Over confident, over sensitive, dirty fingernails, bad body odour, overpowering aftershave, self-centredness, unintelligent, puniness, neediness, conceitedness, smoking, bad manners, meanness, burping, farting, lack of confidence, unreliability, cockiness, bad breath, chauvinism, untidiness, unemployed, no transport, shy, overweight, high voice, baldness, beady eyes, bad temper, geekiness, arrogance, possessiveness, gawkiness, selfish, depressing, posing, dishonest, rotten teeth, no conversation, drunkenness, tiny feet, no money, sneakiness, obsessiveness, narcissim, disloyalty, moodiness, too tall or too short, violent, no sense of humour, petrol head, bad kisser, vulgarity… something else?


Dear Jabes, not everyone in Chelsey is representative of every woman in the world, or in the country, or even in the Chelsey forum. And though most of that list is fairly accurate as far as things that attract and detract, no one in their right mind would think there is a man who would fit all those criteria. It's not a list of must haves (or can't haves) but 'turn ons'. But again, remember not everyone agrees with everyone in Chelsey. Just sayin'. Except to add that confidence (and not false confidence) is probably one of the top turn ons for me. Tiny feet? Really?


oh i was under the impression you were a honorary man! hehe

Oh, sure, but still actually a woman. Just maybe not always the 'average' woman. I don't know. And still I have no idea if 'tiny feet' really belongs in that list. Are they just meaning that tiny feet might indicate tiny other body parts (part)? Can't say I've ever noticed small feet. BIG feet I notice...


yeah i wondered about that small foot relation too haha. and its ok i know not all girls are this fussy ., . . some are way worse mwhahaha i kid, i kid (said in the puppets voice from an emeniem video) which is kinda funny so will post


this is pretty funny too! the dog at his best

Wipe the tears from my eyes!!!

yeah its pretty hilarious


Haha! I love it! Takes charge, followed immediately by does what you ask. Priceless.


I would have thought the turn offs are unattractive traits of ANYONE not just what women seek in a man, apart from geekiness, I don't know why that is listed under turn offs, geek = synonym for INTELLECTUAL BAD-ASS!!!! and everyone loves a bad-ass

Heh, something tells me you're a geek... nice try, but most still see us as sad-asses...

There's geekiness (intelligent, thoughtful, possibly quiet, but incredibly humourous) and then there's GEEKINESS (unable to look a woman in the eye let alone carry on a conversation and would really rather be in front of a computer than a naked woman (unless the naked woman is on the computer)).

The first is very sexy (IMHO) the second... is only good for a character on a sitcom.

Hmm, I'm sure that he latter is more of a nerd than a geek, n'est ce pas?

You might be right. It's a fine line.

And by "n'est-ce pas?" I'm guessing you mean "eh?" or maybe "huh?"

Or was it "Yer"?

Claro, que si, Yer.

Lo siento, no hablo francés.

Muy bueno Fiona, que son quisquillosos?

Jaja, me gusta la palabra "quisquillosos"

I was just thinking that I'm probably attracted to about 5% of men, but only 1% of men that I'm attracted to enough that I'd actually do anything about it. However, I'm finding that in my age range of these 1% of men 99% of them are already married or in relationships, which leaves, what 1 guy in 10,000 who is both single and attractive (to me). So yeah, I guess that's picky.

And at about this point I consider my options, and renew my fatso membership.

Really, it's time to move from Hamilton, you're wasted there.

I would agree, if it weren't for the fact that location is seldom the only issue.

Introducing Fiona's three strikes rule.

Generally I won't date someone who has three strikes against them. One can be over come, sometimes. Two, and he'd have to be pretty amazing in every other way. Three is the kiss of death. For the relationship, I don't go all mantis-y and bite his head off or anything.

Thinking back on the last people I'd been attracted to they've been:

Married (kiss of death right there) or in a relationship (also... kiss of death)
Not in the city, or the country (this I've overcome several times. I've travelled around the world to spend time/live with several people, and they've come to me. Clearly, it hasn't worked out in the end anyway)
Not smart enough. I'm not good with being bored. So autistic is out, too.
Too young
Too old
Too immature.
Didn't like kids
Too possessive
Too irresponsible
Bad with money
No direction
Too traditional
Too gay (this, I'll admit, is pretty hard to overcome :)

I'm sure there are other traits I've forgotten. I try to forget.

Perhaps it's just the universe telling me I'm already trying to do too much already.
Not that I believe in that anymore.

Which would leave about 2 guys in Hamilton...

So you're saying there's hope...

That's just insanely positive thinking.

I can be insanely positive. I even have a shirt with 'Just say no... to negativity'. Nobody gets it though.

Y'see.... Hamilton again....


Sonidos delicados mucho mejores que quisquilloso That's slightly better odds than big wednesday, keep taking a ticket would be my advice ;) Never tried fatso, whats the best way to work it?

Vale, pero la palabra "quisquilloso" es excellente!! :) No sé que soy 'delicada', yo era una artista del trapecio - y una doble de riesgo... (though clearly not a spanish major - jaja)

You can usually get a free trail for fatso. They still say you can get a month free here http://www.viewauckland.co.nz/cinemas/fatso-special-offer-for-view-new-zealand-members-feature-4238.html if you sign up with view auckland. I generally use it for a month, then put it on hold for a month while I wait for all the DVD's I want to become available. It's not a perfect system because they don't seem to have NEARLY enough of each DVD in their collection, but they do come to the door, and you don't have to worry about late fees.

Just came across this phrase in a spanish newsletter I get, "Eres un tiquismiquis". Es lo mismo? Mas o menos?


That Chelsey forum entry was probably created for young women, who haven't yet realised that the perfect man doesn't exist. It sounds like a dream list. I gave up on my dream list of the perfect woman twenty years ago when I realised that the beautiful ones were shallow and the less-fortunate ones were the ones who I could have a heart to heart with. I think it comes down to how hard life is and how much negative you have to overcome that dictates who you are on the inside. Helen Clark is at the bottom of my dream list, but I have nothing but admiration for her as a person, and would really enjoy her company. I think it really is just the young girls who are fussy. They get better with age and experience.


That list was turn ons, not a wish list. And though I can't find it right now (the search function really does not work for me at all) there is a lot of 'finding things on the net and posting them to look more active in the forum' going on. Helen Clark is awesome, I heard her speak a week or two ago. I was incredibly impressed. A friend is holding a fund raising dinner soon and she's the guest of honor and I'm really tempted to go. I've also heard Hilary Clinton speak (at a house across the road from me in the Hollywood hills) and she was amazing. In person these women are much different from the persona they adopt in the public eye where they have to be 'strong' to be taken seriously. I'd love to hang out with them. I'm not young, but I think I'm as fussy now as I've always been. Now I just don't want to waste my time on people who aren't right for me. I guess partly that's because I have two girls and it wouldn't be fair on them. But partly I don't need the emotional turmoil that goes with short fiery passionate relationships. Now, Long passionate relationships, yeah, that would be okay. :)

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