Discussing :: Best advice on love and romance you have had?


Best advice on love and romance you have had?

Be realistic about love and romance. Life is like a box of chocolates and a bed of roses. Lots of hard and soft choices with a lot of thorny issues which if not addressed can make a relationship whither and die if you do not give them care and attention.


If the relationship just isn't working just move on.


The best advice I've had is "be yourself, be honest and be true to both you and your partner, love like there is no tomorrow"


mine was from my mum - dont marry the person you can live with, marry the person you cant be without


Don't be yourself. Not right away at least. Let the crazy out in small doses.

This is definitely one I need to remember :/


Make sure you wash all the creases and crevices and brush those furry teeth. Words to live by...


...love likes there's no tomorrow....and have fun doing it....


It’s good to unleash the alpha male inside you every now and then. Take charge by seducing her, initiating foreplay, undressing her at will, and penetrating her using different positions. She will be pleasantly surprised that you’re not doing just plain old missionary. If she’s used to you initiating things, take the “high road” by using your charm and smooth talk to stimulate her using words and get her to become aggressive.

...why unleash the alpha male I say let it be free and never restrained...this is from a womens perspective of course...a strong man is great....conveys to a women comfort, security and feeling safe.....IMO women like to be treated by there partner like they are the only women on earth and on occasion be romanced....but with the added factor of knowing that your man will look after you and take care of you.....is the best!....

In all good relationships couples have their ups and downs it's just human nature...We are not all made the same and are always going to have differences.Being able to compromise and sort out your differences is the Key.....It's not always about the Sex.....!!

^^^^^^What Foreverme Said ^^^^^^^:-)



...........attention, attention, attention.......(not stalking)......care, courtesy, caress.....or money?!


The best advice I had was this: "The way into a girls knickers is through her mothers stomach". That from my first girlfriends mum. I learned to cook pretty quick after that...


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