Discussing :: Be work women or house women??


Be work women or house women??

There are so many work women and house women. But actually more work women have an unlucky family like without husbands' care, without much time focus on the children; more house women haven't the right to decide important things in family because you don't earn money. Should we be work women or house women?? It is a puzzle question.


...firstly you may want to post this in Chelsey as the ladies may have a response to your question...secondly why can't a women have both worlds if she chooses to...many work as well as keep a family this is modern times you know...as for an unlucky family that is a bit extreme and not all families are the same......as for important decisions if you are in a relationship mutual agreement regarding decisions of a family and there household would be more beneficial than one saying what is.......we should be just women....to be honest your question is weird and archaic IMHO....way to take us back a 100 years...


Ha ha DeeDee, tellin it like it is. I agree, Chelsey would be a better place for this odd question.


I totally agree a few points need to clarified here. Is this woman "working out" or doing house work? Woman’s rights should be equal to a guys, why wouldn’t they. If a guy starts thinking he’s better than his lady/wife he will soon be taken to task or the cleaners $$$.

...from the text of the original poster it is definitely house work......so males may think they are better and some females may let them....lol.....just saying


Nobody cleans the house faster than a man, expecting to get laid.


I think it depends on the family and what jobs they have. As far as my family, well my husband isn't working at the moment as he is recovering from a shoulder operation he had last week. He is a builder and is hopeing to go back to it as soon as his shoulder is up to it. As for me I do all the housework, I bake, I cook and I work a couple of nights a week at the supermarket doing stock filling BUT I am a female plasterer my trade and will be going back to full time work as soon as my youngest of three kids starts school. I will still be doing all the housework, baking and cooking. This is a choice I have made for myself and I have a husband that supports me with it. Oh yea I also make and sell jams at a local market. My life and my work, works around my husband and my kids and that is how I mange to make it all work and I think my family benefits from me working, not suffers or "unlucky".

Anyway to sum it up, Im saying be both. Some Mums take thier kids for a walk while they do circulars/ junk mail. Do something that earns your family some money it's good for paying the bills and for your self esteem.


This is serious stuff. The most important work a man or a woman do will be within the walls of their own homes. Family life is more important than work, what's the point of coming home from work if there's no home life.


Whatever you choose to be make sure you are for life and whatever your decision is make sure its one that makes you happy because that is really what matters.unless what makes you happy is illegal or disturbing of course......


my partner is staying at home till our youngest is at least three! hes only 7 weeks ad our older girl is 2. But after the kids are at that age then she wants to go back to work but im working full time so she doesnt need to be out right now.

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