Discussing :: At what age do you give up on loooking for love?


Never, if you give up on love then you are giving up on life.
Someone always comes along when you least expect it.


never ever ever! ridiculous question love knows no age and even if your not looking for love things can happen


Never give up even when you think you should, the difference between success and failure has always been not giving up. If all else fails then just become someone's Sex Slave, it will tie you over until you find the real deal.


Never Never Give Up as the old saying goes, there are so many ways of expressions of love from all different sources, I get it from my husband, children grand children and direct family members, it is nice to share a little LOVE also, from acts of thought and kindness to others


Never! You can never know who is around the corner. There is someone out there for everyone, it just takes time :D


Never. You never know what is around the corner. You just need to keep your options open and enjoy yourself as you are.


I agree with the populus, never give up, just be who you are, and the right person will come along, keep your eye open, cause she may be close, you never know. my partner of almost 2 years was right underneath my nose, and im thankful I did manage to find her. I hope you find love one day, or it finds you, good luck in your journeys


If you are too busy looking - you might not see it! Relax, it happens any age and in any circumstances, just watch out you are not giving off any "desperate" vibes right now.

Just forget about finding love, get out and enjoy life and love will probably find you!


Never, as long as your able!


No reason to stop.

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