Discussing :: Age difference - how much does it matter?


I dont think it should matter one-ota, if you love each other and its for real then age should not matter, we live in a wiorld where age seems to be an issue and frowned upon if the age gap is more than 5 years.


Oh, the age old debate. Good relationships are hard to come by lets not make it any harder by restrictions.


I don't think the age gap matters in a relationship whether it be the man or woman who is older, as long as your both on the same wave length


An age gap only becomes a barrier if you let it become one. Live and let live, and let love take its course.


I had this conversation with my daughter the other day-she's 24 and is dating a 22 year old. If they're still together in their 30s and 40s and beyond it will seem like nothing.


Age differences do not matter - as long as both parties are happy stuff everyone else.


We have a 19 year age difference, and no one seems to care, all our friends don't see anything wrong or strange , we are best friends first and the rest works out pretty good.


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