Discussing :: Age difference - how much does it matter?


I don't think it matters if everyone is happy.


I think it completely depends on the couple. I have a couple of friends who have a 20+ yr difference in their relationships, but they are perfectly suited together. Personally though, I like the fact that my husband is around the same age as me.


Age difference is all case by case basis.
If you're 18 and with a girl 6 years younger that's fucked.
But if you're 48 with a 42 year old it means nothing.


Age really is just a number. Unless like stated before you are younger than 16 and over 70. There was that stupid rule, the half your age minus 7...what a load of crap!! If she makes you happy and you make her happy, what does age matter. in saying that, if its just a one night stand, age will just go out the window


When I was at college I used to fancy older women, now that I'm 34 I fancy women between 19-25.
At the end of the day, I'd rather be in love with a women around my own age (sharing the same outlook on life etc) than being in lust with a 20 year old which would end in tears (probably mine) after 2 months.


I dont believe so... 12 and a half years between me and my partner.. She's almost 24.. Guess it cause im young at heart or is it with still a child like maturity!? Good times anyway..

Was she the babysiter??? LOL. I'm jealous much!

hahahahhahahahahahahahahha good on you Hutster7!


From 25 onwards it shouldn't make a difference if the other half is 5 or 6 yrs younger.


this is a tough one - I don't think it's the actual age - unless it's a 30 year age gap and that is just WRONG! what could you possibly have in common with 30 years between you? but other than that if it's a age gap of ten years no big deal - as long as your at the same stages in your life and want the same things then that's cool.


Age does not make a huge difference..what is important is two people who genuinely love each other and get on well and enjoy similar interests


nope not at all

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