Discussing :: Age difference - how much does it matter?


I think the younger you are, the more it seems to matter.


it should only matter to the two in the relationship - if it doesn't then good, if it does... then also good - any outsiders looking in should reserve judgement really, if the relationship works and they're happy what DOES IT MATTER


Age diff between me and my partner is 4 years and we are fine and happy together


It matters more as you get older and the slippers come out after your early evening bath.


I think its less about what date is on your birth certificate and more about where people are in their life, what their goals are, wants; kids, house, career, party weekends... etc. If two people want the same things in life and enjoy doing similar stuff age doesnt matter. The only time this possibly falls over later in life when you could be 60 with a 75 year old partner and it is just not possible to do the same things together. Best thing then is as the 60 year old make the 75yo feel younger and not vice versa.


Doesn't seem to matter to all those rich old millionaires around the world. They all have trophy wifes and if I was in the same position, I'd be digging tunnels like Charles Bronson (great line from Reservior Dogs) too with some hot sexy wife with the help of some niagra (great line from Californication)


If your bank balance is up to it, age doesn't mean a thing.


wow this forum has gone off the subject at hand. age differences are always going to stir some people but the truth of the matter is the only people who care are those involved. if you care so much about what other people think then you're probably not the kind of person who is going to make something out of the ordinary work. my man's younger than me, although only slightly, he says to me: you're only as old as the man you feel, and vice versa.

I thought the saying was "you're only as old as the chicks arse you are holding?" hehe


There is is ten months difference between my partner and I and we went to the same high school. We listened to the same music as kids and watched the same television shows. We have lived through the same world events and experienced the same things in life in general. We have been together for 26 years. Sometimes I think it helps if you have something in common apart from your children and your mortgage.


Cmon really guys. There is no problem with an age gap as loong as the women is aged between 19 - 25 I am happy.

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