Discussing :: Age difference - how much does it matter?


7 years between my partner and I (i'm 32 she's 25). I reckon I've probably only just reached a maturity level thats in line with her so thats why it works.

I always laugh when she tells me I'm mature. I respond that the thin line between maturity and immaturity can be transgressed in the time it takes to tell a decent fart joke... and then proceed to do so.


It does not matter at all for me... love is ageless... once a heart start beating for another heart and it reciprocate, the last thing the heart will find is the age... love your heart to love somebody!!!


normally it doesn't matter but it probably matters if one of them is just a kid and the other is a much older adult......


I think there's a lot to be said for a slight age difference; it's well known that men take forever to grow up.

....and sometimes they never do.....


Maybe it's better to remain young at heart, also helps if you look younger than you are!

...definitely agree Clyde....if you feel young at heart and a bonus if you look it can only be a good thing...gives you that little extra skip in your walk so to speak....


Well, I'm glad that my son gives me a healthy base of childishness. I hope I never grow up fully.


3 yrs age difference here. If your partner is younger than your kids, then that's too much of an age gap, I reakon. Or older than your parents.

Yeah, I agree Muzza.

There would be a few awkward family dinners under those circumstances


Age doesn't certainly matter to the older partner, keeps you on your toes.


I guess someone probably had to do some washing then!


You as old as last women you felt.

...hahaha I remember those words...lol.....you are only as old as the last man you felt....hahahaha...we use to tease my Aunt who always dated men much younger than her......with that statement....use to have us in fits of giggles because she always thought she was a female player.....

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