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Age difference - how much does it matter?

There was a ten year age gap between my ex and I. When we split I was 41, she was 31. It's usually considered acceptable for the man to be older but what if it's the woman is older? What's the age gap between you and your partner? What's acceptable? All those kind of questions...

Almost all guys won’t admit the item, but most of you find “first date” experiences can consist of mildly anxiety-provoking to absolutely nerve-wracking. And usually, that’s for a very good reason. Like they claim: you never get a second chance to create a first impression. And the stakes are never higher than when you’ve simply just met a great woman you could possibly share the rest you could have with, right?

So…once you have these first date “basics” covered (do I really have to say it? Things like good practices and manners) it’s the perfect time to master the 3 most powerful ways to create a great first impression using a first date:

#1: Talk with A Woman Like It’s A date, Not A Job Meet with

Men who focus on behaving politely into a fault on a first date are Much more likely to come across as stiff…anxious…or worst off, totally BORING. These guys act like they’re out on a position interview or something. The reality is, most women come clear of SUCCESSFUL first dates saying stuff like, “He was so funny…there was this amazing chemistry between us…I come to feel something for him. ”

That’s why it’s critical that your man “heat up” the same old, polite first meetings in addition to conversations by nurturing fascination, enticement and excitement within a woman. The easiest way to do that is to speak to her as if you would like have fun — as if she’s a FRIEND rather then a potential employer.

As soon as the first “hello” moments on the date, feel free for taking the usual conversation issues (careers, movies, whatever) and redirect the conversation in a way that creates FUN instead connected with TENSION and STIFFNESS. In the event she’s wearing something useful, tease her gently concerning this. Ask her to hold the door for YOU. Tell her you’re tired with talking about your job…you’d rather look at an ultra-cool experience you recently had. Or (even better), one who SHE’S had.

Oh…and if she will give you a compliment, take it as to be able to challenge her in small options set you apart from that usual, nervous first time frame guy. Make a joke like, “Look, I’m unlike other guys. Compliments won’t bring you anywhere. ”

In different words, treat her such as a friend (and not like you’re seeking to “win her over” in addition to impress her) and you’ll view amazing results.

#2: Halt Asking Those Lethal “Attraction Killing” Issues

Once a woman you’ve just met starts to think of you in a unique way, she’s likely to hold thinking of you in that way. This is why I might suggest that men avoid this impulse to ask these standard “first date” questions by any means costs…most of which usually are guaranteed ATTRACTION KILLERS.

No matter if it’s because he’s tense, insecure, or just hasn’t thought out ahead, I can’t explain how many men tell me them to ask questions like, “So…how ya think it’s going? ” Even more difficult: “Do you think we’re a superb match? ” Worst off: “So, do you including me? ”

These sorts of questions reek of desperation…and desperation would be the biggest ATTRACTION KILLER, clubhouse none.

Instead, ask issues that signal you’re knowledgeable, inquisitive, and interesting.

#3: Operate the Right Body Language

When you meet a woman for once, I just can’t claim it enough…you MUST be aware of your body language. Of course, it starts “speaking” into a woman before you previously say a word. This means making sure to help keep eye contact (but don’t ignore to blink…there’s no easier way to see as a little little scary).

Sit upright. If she ever draws back away from you, never “chase” the woman by leaning in. As a substitute, make sure that you draw back, too. When you chat, use a low, slow-moving voice tone. If people rush your words, you’re almost certainly going to stammer. During conversation, go searching the room a little to break the tension.

All of this gets you off into a great start — and just might keep you from losing the experience before it even will begin

So act like someone instead of a stiff…avoid wanting to know those “lethal” questions…use the suitable body language…and getting an incredible SECOND date is nearly

[youtube] http://www.theonlinedatingexperts.com/[/youtube]

Seriously. What are you, a councillor or just a nut job expecting people to read your opinion????


10 years between me and my ex, too. She was younger. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I was more career focused, she was more relationship focused. Maybe it has more to do with where you are in life than your age. I've seen relationships with 30 years difference work fairly well. And relationships of a similar age crash and burn. Acceptable? Who cares about what is 'socially acceptable'?


I agree Fisher who cares about it being socially acceptable...love well even lust knows no bounds.....one of my ex's was 8 years younger than me...we had a lot in common and we are still friends today.....I have never actually dated men older than me before....I say everyone to their own....


Unfortunately- WHEN it matters- it REALLY matters- but as with all relationships it is still down to the willing participants and how they love, respect and treat each other.


That's true WingerGee. There are so many things that are more important than age. Love, respect, kindness, patience, loyalty, and about 500 other things.


...basically if you feel it go for it...and don't let anyone tell you any different....


I'm either a very lucky old man or a dirty one (l'm sure you will all jump in and tell me), there is 13 years between me and my wife. We've been happily married for 15 years and the age difference is no problem. Seriously there is only an age barrier if you want it to be. You could look at it on the light side: Come bed time l feel younger, she feels older.

....good on you Clyde make sure to take that blue pill though......age is but a number...don't worry about anyone else I suspect it is jealous much!...that would have them having their say

Yeah, he's 26...


Oh Cryde I fear you might be a dirty one- how can you wash yourself with all that armour on ?? Are there more like you ??


I'm too old my wife has to wash me. A newlywed couple had a slight problem when it came to doing the deed. The idea of openly confessing their sexual desires was too difficult for them. Finally, they both sat down to resolve their problem. They agreed that anytime either partner wanted to have sex, all they had to do was ask the other partner, ''Do you want to do the washing?'' So the weeks went on and things started to get better. The husband would nudge his wife in bed and say, ''Love, do you want to do the washing?'' Then they would have sex. The wife did the same when she felt frisky. One night, the husband went to bed early because he was tired. A few hours later the wife followed. After getting in bed she felt the urge to get it on. So she nudged her husband and whispered, ''Honey, do you want to do the washing?'' ''No thanks, love,'' he said. ''It was only a small load tonight, so I did it by hand.''

definitely didn't need or want those visuals....


Haha! YUK!

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