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Affairs of the head!

"When a man steals your wife there is no better revenge than letting him keep her".But seriously what would you do if you found out your wife was having an affair and leaving you?


I'd help her pack her bags, drop her off to his house, shake his hand and tell him "No Backs!!!!!" and speed off hehehehehehehehe. Then enjoy life and try hook up with heaps of Trim with no strings attached.
Once that is out of my system (literally) maybe look for something abit more serious.

Yeah I'm with you barnes10, I'd be stoked as long as she didn't try to take MY dog or boat.



Wow. That sounded really harsh, until I imagined it around the other way. If my partner was cheating on me, I'd do the same thing. Why would anyone want to fight to stay with someone who was cheating and planning to leave?


The greatest feeling is slamming the door in their face if they come crawling back. I wouldn't be happy, but if it happened I would end it and move on as hard as it may be. They would be doomed to repeat the same mistakes later on down the track and by then you would be well moved on!


And if they don't do it again, chances are 'what goes around comes around' and that, for me, would be the most satisfying thing. I've seen this happen MANY times. Some guy leaves his wife and kids to be with some young woman, then they realise down the track that he's turned into an old man before them and they leave. Karma.


I can't keep one women happy (my wife) so I'd have no chance keeping 2 woman happy!

Be careful what you wish for because once all the hot, steamy, kinky sex (and lots of it) in the honeymoon period finishes then watch out because her true colours will come out. Call me a male chauvanist pig if you want, but women are all tarred with the same brush, it's in their DNA so you might get something alot more pyscho than the one you just kicked to the curb.

Better the devil you know!


You always hear men complaining how crazy women are , the whole men are from mars women from venus ( or some planets anyway) but do women say the same stuff about men aswell?


Hmm... good question shadowshaded. I don't understand why men do what they do, and why they think the way they do, but I can say the same for women. I don't even know why I do what I do sometimes. Sometimes my brain is clearly not the one in control, and I think men experience that, maybe more frequently than women.

I don't agree with Gazza that all women are the same. Not at all. I don't really know a lot of women like me. Who think the way I do about life, and kids, and sex, and work, or anything, really. I didn't realise this til recently. I always thought that deep down everyone pretty much thought like me. Except republicans. And I can't explain their thinking at all.

BTW - I don't agree with that Men from Mars book, it's all about how men are the way they are so women should just deal with it. I think there should be more of a middle point than that.

Call me crazy...


i think it is always going to be a 2 sided thing . men are men and women are women yet we are all of the same species . people dont always see eye to eye with something different and because they cant understand it the same its easier for them to tease or pick on it.


Having an affairs is a dangerous path to follow even in your dreams. Once done life between you and your partner will never be the same.

“Adultery usually follows a law of diminishing returns” Tom Robbins Quotes.

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