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A Flowchart for Picking Up Chicks.

Hey Everyone! This is a flowchart a friend of mine emailed me a few months back. I found it pretty funny, but he apparently used it to get his current girlfriend - and they're pretty happy! It is quite long, but he memorized it, so you can too! It was intended for the guys out there that struggle to keep their cool when talking to pretty girls :D It describes in pretty good detail everything its telling you to do. Its like training wheels! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Leave comments about how it has or hasn't worked for you!! Here's the link to it: http://i.imgur.com/Zntz0.jpg Enjoy! But don't get yourself into any trouble now! Like Uncle Ben once said "With great power, comes great responsibility"


Oh those banters are terrible. I guess it'd still make me giggle though.


What are you supposed to do? Memorize the bloody thing??? Or perhaps refer to it during your routine....


It seems a bit artificial using some guide to decide what to say and do...


Haha Dont worry everyone. As I stated in the second paragraph, Its intended for people who can't talk to girls, or who constantly stuff up due to lack of direction. My friend would go red, sweaty, and say the weirdest things whenever he talked to girls, and if he ever did get a good conversation - he would screw it up somehow. But like a lot of things these days - he was able to use Google and find out how to do it. He came across this! It helped him. He went a bit red, still a tad sweaty, BUT he said things that didn't portray him as a complete idiot. It gave him the chance to make it past the barriers his girlfriend put up. They're happy now! It doesn't matter that he used a chart to get her to talk to him, all that matters is that it works :D

Christ, I'd like to see some poor sod who already felt nervous, trying to master it! It would no doubt be both sad and hysterically funny to watch!


wow and i thought i was shy but so not that bad but suppose if it helps it helps!


I'd love to see somebody bring this out at a bar, printed on several sheets of A4.

It'd be worse than the Swiss army, pulling out their tiny knives in the middle of battle....
"Von moment plees, I vill be vid you shortly... Aha! Sheisse, damnt toos pik!"


This is a blow chart, run run forest run. You may well go and pay for some.

It's not really that bad.....

You tried it?


Thinking seriously about how to get the uber result...

Hmm, any results from all the serious thinking?

Ah, not as yet, heading to the throne soon.

Ha! just saw this. Yes, the throne room is my corporate think tank!

That's probably better than mine, which is the shower. I'm not sure how we are going to hold production meetings once we really get into preproduction on this movie.


Errr, not sure about flowcharts for picking up girls but I reckon this pick-up line is a winner - "The only thing your beautiful eyes havn't told me is your name".... Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!

Interesting.... this from a chick no less. Lads, I'm not allowed to try this one as my gf would surely castrate me, so I'll have to live vicariously through you. Would one of you please try this out and report back on how successful it was?
Sorry Julz, it's not that I doubt you... err, ok I doubt you....

Thatss bril i've got to remember that one on date night

best i modify it to....

'The only thing your beautiful eyes havn't told me is your age'
...no maybe not!

In all honesty, this line would probably evoke a smart-ass response from me.

And though I hear Jason muttering about how pretty much any line evokes a smart ass response from me, I'm going to post this anyway :)

I think, for me anyway, anyone who out of the blue starts to talk to me makes me take a step back as my defenses go up. I'd prefer someone makes sure I notice them first, eye contact would be a good start, and then they can gauge whether I'm even remotely interested in talking to them. If so, then it doesn't matter too much what they say, it's more how they say it. "Hi" would work as well, if not better than, some thought out premeditated plan and 'attack'.

We're going to have to do something about that voice of reason of yours....

We're going to have to do something about that voice of reason of yours....


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