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Does my ass look big in this? Questions, problems, answers, support. Share your thoughts and ask questions to improve your relationships and for those still in the game, learn from our in-house pro's on how to land the girl of your dreams.

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Family Activities....
posted by Flashgg
26 "Around this time of the year its good to go swimming at the beach, camping and exploring "
2nd December '17, 8:55am
posted by shadowshaded »
Weddings overseas - a selfish choice?
posted by Kiwi Gas
27 "A wedding overseas is a great idea. Less stress and the people who are closest to you will make the effort to be there. (Just don't pick somewhere too expensive)"
3rd September '17, 10:23pm
posted by jb2610 »
Never leave it too late or it will be
posted by nzbear
21 "I did NOT expect this story to have a happy ending. I'm glad it did. I am not looking forward to my kids growing up and moving overseas. I won't stop them, I did the same thing, but I'm going to worry ridiculous amounts. "
25th August '17, 6:46pm
posted by Onaphobia »
To swallow or not to swallow?
posted by Charchar
26 "Why would you swallow mouthwash?? I mean, it's obviously not poisonous, but... why??? Yuck!"
25th August '17, 6:40pm
posted by Onaphobia »
Tell her you Love her every day
posted by NZMaori11
98 "If you are too busy write love notes to each other. Put them in obvious places to add some spice to your lives. "
1st June '17, 2:39pm
posted by New Member »
What's the longest time you have been single for?
posted by Gonzala
1 "I'm in my late 20's and have never been in a relationship... I'm quite happy with my own company and don't feel as though I am missing out on anything. I can do what I like when I like... you don't have to spend money on a significant other or run..."
30th May '17, 5:37pm
posted by Gonzala »
Would you forgive?
posted by JasonMantis
2 "An interesting and thought provoking question! I think I'd be well annoyed initially, to say the least, but then would try and find out what caused/drove my partner to take such a drastic course to see what I could possibly do to stop the rot and..."
30th August '16, 10:01pm
posted by Billy »
Do you argue?
posted by JasonMantis
116 "Well, arguing itself is not the negative part. In fact, arguing can be a good sign in a relationship rather than those relationship in which a couple never disagrees, for when a couple argues, it reveals their confidence in revealing their..."
30th August '16, 12:51pm
posted by Nebojsa »
The Secret to Inner Peace
posted by shiny
21 "It's about balance, and awareness of what works for you. It's easier to know when it is out of balance, than to know when you have it right. Frustration and anxiety are often just triggers, for not feeling fulfilled in other areas. Take stock of..."
30th August '16, 11:39am
posted by Timotheus »
Ever had a 3some?
posted by Liz
13 "I haven't had a threesome; are there two F to my M to do this before I kick the bucket?"
9th August '16, 3:36pm
posted by David »

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