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for healthy eating, cook your main meal at breakfast time, eat a light meal at night time!


Try and eat right..saves alot of time buring the wrongs off in the Gym


I think aiming to get most of your meals from foods that are as close to natural as possible is a good start and making your own food where and when you can so you know what's in it. But, we have to be able to eat rubbish every now and then just to break it up. I find the healthier I eat the less I want rubbish food and when I do have it I feel yuck so don't crave it as much. Which is a good thing.


The Best Fat Burning Foods For Dieters - video -


The beauty of getting and then keeping fit is that you don't tend to want to eat all the junk food (maybe now and again), you want to keep well hydrated and you want to get better rest at night. It's the start to a winning formula. You just have to start......


Lots of water and a heap of protein! cut down on the carbs a bit and have a bit of green stuff in your diet! Also the odd ground apricot kernel now and then apparently prevents cancer...food for thought?


Treats. If there's no reward, why the effort. As long as you're sensible about how much and how often, there's nothing you need to actually eliminate from your diet. Every 6-8 weeks, I'll go to KFC for some Wicked Wings, of get a Hell pizza or something. Nobody lies on theitr deathbed lamenting their diet. There's far more important things in life than depriving ourselves in pusuit of some six pack abs and perfect skin. Be realistic,


Always take healthy and balanced diet for your good health and fitness.
Include all necessary foods elements such vitamins, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, and some healthy fat in your diet to make it more healthy and balanced.


Diet plays an very important role in your beauty maintenance as well, Healthy diet improves your skin as well as hair texture.

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An apple a day, will surely keep the doctor away because they contain guercetin, a photochemical containing ant-inflammatory properties. It also helps in prevention of blood clots. Eat apples for breakfast with your cereal or eat them as a snack when you're hungry instead to pigging out on deep-fried chips.
Apples give you better lungs.
It will lower blood cholesterol, improved bowel function, reduced risk of stroke, prostate cancer, type II diabetes and asthma. The disease-fighting profile of apples provides a multitude of health benefits, including a potential decreased risk of cancer and heart disease. Several recent studies suggest apples may provide a "whole-body" health benefit.
A number of components in apples, most notably fiber and phytonutrients have been found in studies to lower blood cholesterol and improve bowel function, and may be associated with a reduced risk of ischemic heart disease, stroke, prostate cancer, type II diabetes and asthma. Preliminary research from Finland indicates diets with the highest intake of apple phytonutrients were associated with a 46 percent reduction in the incidence of lung cancer. Findings indicate that two apples a day or 12 ounces of 100% apple juice reduced the damaging effects of the "bad" LDL cholesterol.
( Dam ... i better eat one right now, see you later )


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