Discussing :: Your diet should include ----- to better life.


Your diet should include ----- to better life.

Eat moderate amounts of food and divide it into 5 small meals a day. In this way, your body will digest and absorb food more thoroughly.

Do not mix too many foods at once. Certain foods go well together and promote better digestion.

Each meal should be well-balanced and should contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, oils, enzymes, water, etc.

Avoid foods which use cheap, non-organic ingredients and are overprocessed. These foods will have a lot of contaminants and many molecules in these foods will be damaged due to heavy processing. This will result in health problems and promote aging (as much as 20% to 40% in my estimation).

Avoid foods containing preservatives or those that have been irradiated with X-rays, gamma and other rays. If bacteria are not eating the food, it is probably not good for you.

Your diet should include: plant protein (whole grains and beans are the best source), various plant oils (whole grains, seeds, nuts and beans are the best source), various nuts (fresh almonds and hazel nuts are best), various types of fish which are from the ocean and are low on the food chain, vitamins and minerals, eggs, yogourt, milk and white cheese (goat's milk is the best, if you can tolerate this).

yes if you take good diet then life is also good.


drink green tea

...have become a fan of the drink....loving green tea


Give yourself time to get used to food with less fat and salt.

FAT How to reduce it:
Cut visible fat off meat and remove skin from chicken.
Grill, bake, boil, steam, stirfry or microwave your food instead of frying.
Skim the fat off stews and gravies.
Choose lean cuts of meat from your supermarket and butcher – this saves time and waste.
Choose lowfat milk, cheese, yoghurt and salad dressings.
Take the skin off takeaway chicken and batter off fish.
When eating out, ask for meals that tare not cooked in fat.
Ask for Restaurant meals without creamy sauces and rich gravies, or added fat.

SUGAR is often associated with high-fat food:
Go easy on the cakes and biscuits (oh darn)
Keep chocolate bars and health bars for treats (double darn)
Look out for sugar on labels. It sometimes listed as fructose, glucose, sucrose or honey.
When reducing fat in in the diet, take care not to compensate by increasing sugar content.

SALT How to reduce it:
Eat meals without adding extra salt – start by using less salt in cooking.
Use herbs, spices and vegetable or fruit juice to add flavour, instead of stocks and sauce mixes.
Cooking food in minimal water or in microwave helps keep flavour so extra salt is not needed.
When using salt, iodised table salt is recommended.
Ask for no salt if buying takeaways.
Choose snacks without added salt.
Choose vegetables and fish canned in water without salt.

Fat, salt and sugar are found in lots for foods. Read the labels on canned and packet foods to check the fat, salt and sugar content. Foods like chippies, cakes, pies, chocolate and ice cream are high in fat, salt and sugar. Keep these for treats and fill up on fresh fruit, bread and cereals.

So is a vegetarian diet is better for you?


Being Active Is The Key To:
. Feeling good
. Reducing Stress
. Maintaining a healthy weight
. Building Strong Bones
. Reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.


When you desire to give your body that added boost, you understand that it requires varied additional nutritional help, like, energy bars, supplements, and more. And if you are already part of the Natural health society organization, then you understand it means taking natural health nutritional supplements.
These health nutritional supplements are intended to work with your body. They will guard your lungs, heart, and your skin from any other ailment that you are likely to contract during your life span. For people of all ages, I cant tell you how important this is, a simple education. There are many books available and information online, take advantage of this information for your health, and live a long prosperous life.
Natural health is about taking responsibility for your own health. And with natural health nutritional supplements, you will be able to achieve this goal, it just takes that first step.
There are many products available in the field of natural health nutritional supplements. Pick up a book, go online, educate yourself, and be happy. I did, and cut my stress level by 50%; reduced my blood pressure down to 120/70, where typically under stress it was 150/95.
Not bad, even a bit under the perfect range of 120/80, and Im over 50, just a little bit. I wont allow heart failure, or strokes during my lifetime,j ust enjoy my life and family; understand one important thing, I now have a choice. That is my personal goal in life.
Natural health is about finding and adopting natural ways to health. With natural health nutritional supplements, you get the extra benefit of giving your body all the best there is from nature, which is a great feeling, and reward when you experience the difference, and ask yourself, why didnt I do this long ago.
You will also be helping your body protect itself from harmful diseases because natural health nutritional supplements work to restore your body to health the way nature planned. I found personally, it not only improved my general health conditions, but before I would get the typical once per year cold, like most people. Now I might get a bit of cold, but 2-3 year periods if at all, and not seven days, goes away in less than 4 days, that should say something about good nutrition.
I dont believe there is a magic pill or fix all remedy, but this certainly made a great change for me, and established a constant platform for my overall health.

Im not writing this to put you down in any way, but just the quickest google search of the first few words from your entry brought up numerous copies of most of the text from your post. I have nothing whatsoever against this but….

I'm not really up on copyright law but even from a courtesy point of view, it t probably is a good idea to quote source material if possible when you use it in a forum like this. It also protects your name and your conscience if you should give incorrect or even harmful information or advice – at least readers then know where it came from and can then look it up to see if there is any supplementary advice that perhaps wasn't included.


a little bit of what you want and lots of what you need - actually that could apply to a lot of areas in life - but for diet I think the biggest mistake is to deny yourself a treat when it wont do too much harm - bingeing becuase you havent had the treat is far worse - as you can probably guess my self control is minimal!




Exactly right- and the point that there is a lot of cut and pasting from the net.

There are a lot of good points and fact there WG. I wouldn't have expected you to rattle all that off the top of your head unless you were a University Professor, isn't that what the Nets there these days, saving you a trip to the library.


If we all ate organic or raw food we would all have less health problems and besides it has more nutrients..


i see no one has mentioned water. hydration has loads of benefits;

reduces hormone concentration (increases mental stability), flushes toxins and waste, increases difficulty of cell to cell viral transmission (helps keep you healthy), allows you to take mental health breaks from your desk or job reducing stress and of course allows target practice..lol

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