Discussing :: You have 6 weeks to get in shape.


You have 6 weeks to get in shape.

You have no Gym membership or equipment of any sort. Apart from access to a 50m pool free of charge there are no other tools you can use. Not even running shoes. What would your regime be?


Swim as far as you can, then every day after that add another 100m. That should keep you going!


Same as above except running, Run x amount of distance in x amount of minutes. Each day either increase distance or increase speed at which distance is run. Plan 5 or so routes to keep it interesting.


How about something using my own body weight to add to the swimming? Squats, lunges, pushups, any ideas? I'm new to the whole concept of exercise, I've been thin all my life and relatively active, so quite fit. However, two things have greatly impacted on this recently: A desk job in IT and a recently kindled love of red wine. I intend to keep both, haha. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


swim 50m on a steady pace, then sprint swim 50m. then when you turn go under water and swim as far as you can on one breath. Mark this point and thats your bench mark then start again and try beat it each time. seems to destroy you faster due to less oxygen in the body so more of an anaerobic work out. Tires me out at least


Pushups? In a pool? Hahaha. Squats, lunges, etc, All those things would be easier in the pool and therefore less effective. Except pushups. Where you would drown. Do you do different styles? They all use different muscles. If they have kick boards and stuff available then use them, and those hand things that make you work harder, and those things that make your legs float - again to make your arms work harder. I'm sure there are technical names for these things, you can let me know.

Muppet. I meant out of the pool!

Oh. Well, I guess that's a different story... LOL


yeah you shouldnt need those leg things really you can just swim a length with your arms then do one with your legs. oh the other thing you can do is alter your breathing patterns ie you should breath every 3rd stroke in freestyle you can change it to 8 or 15 every length. its pretty bad i used to swim competitively i should be better at swimming training haha

How does breathing less help? I thought breathing was a good thing when you were exercising?

I used to swim competitively too so don't need too much help there. I was looking for other exercises to add to a swimming regime that would help. I breathe every 4th stroke, not sure if I could mak it to 8 let alone 15, and not sure what the benefit would be either!

Why every 4th instead of 3rd? Doesn't one ear fill up with water? I guess that's better than both...

Oh, because in freestyle it just works better to the left for me. So that means breathing every 2, 4 or 6 strokes. Never really saw the benefit of stretching it any further than that till now, so nice one Jabes!

yeah we used to always do one side then they changed it on us as every 3rd stroke was more economical so had to change style to accommodate i should ask the German girl. As she was setting up for Olympic trials and stuff so prob has the latest breathing theory down.


Its a bit like interval training cause it stresses the body more heap on google about it if you want to do it. Bonus was when racing if you can swim the last 30m without breathing and keep your speed then you would be faster by a sec or so. just builds fitness basically


Studies have shown that anaerobic training can deliver results much faster than aerobic training alone. However, be careful that you have built a sufficient aerobic base before incorporating high-intensity anaerobic intervals into your training sessions in order to avoid injury. There’s no doubt that anaerobic training helps to build strength and endurance. But it also has been shown to improve posture, flexibility, joint health, sleep, blood pressure, and bone strength. Anaerobic training also increases metabolism to burn more calories and increases the occurrence of beneficial natural body hormones like Human Growth Hormone. there you go thats the benefits! improves your lung capacity too

Huh, did not know that. Can't even imagine how it would improve all those things. But honestly, I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

No wonder swimming makes the weight just fall off me, I spend almost all my time in the pool totally breathless!


Check out exercising without weights on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaYeGviEzT8 ps turn the sound down musics not great


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