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According to that statement I must look like a large bag of junkfood (chippies, twisties, cheezels, biscuits, lollies, chocolate, and the list goes on) but in real life what you see is what you get.


I think it's all in the genes half the time,if you have overweight family members then you just got to be extra careful what you eat,I look at a kilojule and bang I gain,but my hubby can pretty much eat what he likes,although he really isn't a big eater,we try and eat lots of salads,low fat and keep treats to a limit,but so many temptations out there,it is very hard we like going to cafes now and then for lunch,and there is healthy foods but also yummy treats available ,but yes if I eat a rubbish dinner more than one night I crave my vegetables and healthier foods.


You still have time to get rid of that Stomach Fat before Christmas. I have lost over 10 kgs in stomach fat in 3 months by sticking to this program and feel there is may be more to go, I feel so much lighter and alive. I allow myself one day a month where l pig out but only after a Protein Breakfast. I never realised how important breakfast was until doing some research for my high cholesterol. CARBS FOR BREAKFAST: Sorry your body goes straight into FAT STORAGE MODE all day. PROTEIN FOR BREAKFAST: Your body goes into FAT BURNING MODE all day & you don’t crave for food. Sorry NO mixed carbs/protein for breakfast, must be Protein ONLY. The Answer Lies In The Pudding My Friend: 1. Breakfast MUST BE Protein and only protein foods (no carbs at breakfast time). 2. NO sugar, NO fruit juice, NO margarine, NO white bread & NO salt in your daily diet. 3. Eat the fat on your bacon and meat it is good for you. 4. Eat full fat yogurt (unsweetened) and full milk, No more Trim. 5. No dried fruit this is high in sugar (Eg Muesli), eat only fresh fruit. 6. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables at dinner time. 7. Intense Cardio workouts where you gasp for your breath for up to 10 minutes (my 5-10 km run/jogs have gone and been replaced by sprinting up hills). Recent research shows that high intensity workouts burns fat for up to 48 hours afterwards due to your body recovering. 8. Search the Net for ab workouts (Eg. 5-10 min workouts), make time to do them on a daily basis. 9. Drink plenty of water. 10. Monitor your total daily calorie intake for the first week or so, it’s a real eye opener. ***Try this for a month and see the difference or prove me wrong*** I no longer have a dessert at tea time. I sometimes have a bowl of porridge for lunch if im home. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2299835/Eating-protein-breakfast-slim-Scientists-say-going-work-egg-stop-snacking-night.html

Eating junk food as a treat say once a fortnight is ok (one day only eat what ever you like within reason), as long the treat does not continue for consecutive days. Myself l have a sweet tooth and for 3 days had bad withdrawals coming off sugar. l had a treat day after 4 weeks and found sweet food too sickly, it wasn't what l expected.

I am still eating basically the same amount of food as before but now with pleasing results. Give it a shot.


I know when i am eating junk food, i will pay the price a week or two down the track.....have been eating pies & pastries everyday for a week for lunch........feeling the effects now.....


This is so true. I know when I have eaten unhealthy food as I feel lethargic and put on weight. Damn those McDs and KFCs.


I think you get to an age where it's not about how you look anymore but about your health and how you feel in your skin. I am healthier than I have ever been in my life and I feel great because I know exercising and eating right. Falling off the wagon is great fun too but I always get back on at some stage!


get off your ass everyday and do some exercise, everyone know that its good for you.


I think it is a bullshit statement and it doesn't always apply. The mind and soul are probably, as equally as important! :)


I always try to eat the more healthier options, and exercise more, but I do treat myself as well, just don't over indulge am not to sure if I totally agree with that statement but it does have some merit

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