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So they say, I have a huge stomach and its from all the white carbs and sugar I eat, no matter how much I exercise it does not shrink!!


So they say but maybe it should be more "you are what you drink"


Becoming a vegetarian is a huge missed steak.


Today I am a massive banana cake.


Then today I'm a chocolate donut - yummy.


I have Emphysema, diabetes and chronic Arthritis, so I have to be very careful what I eat. One diet says carbs is good, the other says do not eat carbs. One says this is good for you but the other two disapprove. So I am really up in the air as what is good for me and what is not. So I just go along and eat everything in moderation.


This is true in some ways although I believe its also in your genes. Some people seem to be able to eat anything and it doesn't affect their weight whereas others can't. That is certainly not about what you eat.


Of course it's true. Your body processes what it gets. If you're only giving it rubbish it's not going to be able to make anything amazing. Of course your body is excellent at adapting for survival, but survival by no means the best quality of life.


I must have eaten someone super sexy! :P I kid, I kid.


I agree. I always feel better when I eat healthier food but unfortunately I tend to lean towards junk food. I have tried lately to start more fruit and healthier food and it is working!

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