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Interested to hear the news recently that a high protein diet is supposed to be as bad for you as smoking! far out - it's hard to get it right. haven't read the research yet but you never know who's paying for it these days and what bias there is. It doesn't leave much to eat if you are trying to lose weight!


The body has an amazing way of transforming what we eat. A good balance of things help, but digestion pretty much sorts out what is good, from bad. It uses the good and eliminates the bad. You can fall prey to all sorts of diet habits that make very little sense. Heard of a diet that relates to your blood type. There will always be fads. Best to know what works for you. Your body has many ways of sending a message to you about the wisdom of your personal food favorites, and if they love you as much as you love them.


Cut out sugar - it's deceptively bad in so many ways. Fats are usually the target because people think you 'get fat' but the two are just bad news.


healthy eating


I am a subway sandwich


I totally agree. When I eat takeaways for a few days I don't have any energy and feel sick. You can notice when you go back to healthier food.


Real food! be a real person!!


If you eat fruits then you are one, if you eat crap then you must be crap, however if you eat healthy you will eventually die anyway. Who's the winner in the end? The Undertaker.


That is not always true and it is what is inside a person that counts...:)


But in saying That is not always true and it is what is inside a person that counts...:) Whats inside is what you've eaten so you kind of agreed with the statement.


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