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you are what you eat is true but one can always adjust what they eat to suit, mix it up a little, don't deprive your body of the goodies you crave, just balance them have small portions and don't over indulge. I changed my eating habits to support my health lifestyle changes I have always be very athletic, but fell of the boat so to speak when I went through major loss in my family and it took a while for me to change the way I ate, I always had the excuse of using that loss as a means of eating what I wanted and stopped exercising, thankfully I came out of that rut and am now happy to watch what I eat but still indulge in my favourite goodies but more portioned controlled


Have lost about 10kgs in the last 6 months just by eating smaller portion sizes and changing the mix between meats and vegetables. ie bigger proportion of veges to meat. Also going for a brisk 45 minute walk 4-5 times a week. No need for intensive gym workout

good on you I use to love junk food and had a very serious sweet tooth, but have learnt the best way to sort out my meals including the occasional indulge and how best to prepare it without all the bad stuff and now it is like second nature to me it took a while cause I am a stubborn buggar and fell of the wagon every now and then but haven't had a fall from the wagon in just under 2 years and I don't try to go without the foods I crave I just find better ways to include them in my daily food intake usually by smaller portions all taking out certain ingredients out of recipes or substituting them with something else

Deedee, that sounds exhausting. I'm gonna go sit on the couch with a box of chocolates and watch TV to get over it. ;)


I eat a lot of protein and vegies, not a lot of rubbish although I do like my beer.


Junk in junk out - simple.


Well, this has to be true. Every cell in your body is made from what you eat. But I guess a lot of what you eat is eliminated as waste, so you're not EVERYTHING you eat... Your body ignores some shit. As it were...


I try to eat healthy but I love chocolate, so that is my down fall.


Then I am an English fried breakfast and proud of it.


Truest statement ever!, im now 70 years old, my weight is the same as when i left high school, im also on no medication


Couldn't agree more! You need to eat healthy to be healthy!


I think there are ways to eat junk foods often and stay healthy, 'cause there are food cheats that can ward off bad cholesterol and diabetes; Just gotta balance junk with healthy snacks/meals. Oatmeal and Cinnamon (together) have cut my bad cholesterol down and coffee fights a lot of bad health problems. Lemon water and Coconuts are good too.

Good reply Mooner!
Look, I love food, no scratch that - I am in love with food!
Quality and quantity! And that is my downfall.
Small changes I recently made gave me a good balance on my body structure and focusing on more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day.
Things I added/changed to my food cupboard is things like using coconut oil in stead of other cooking oils, using some cayenne pepper, ginger, cinnamon and garlic in my recipes and eating just one carb on my plate at a time.

Coffee - good!
Coffee with sugar - bad bad bad


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