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You are what you eat

I live by this rule everyday and for a 57 year old bloke i look good compared to many my age only by healthy eating and daily exercise.


I don't believe this statement at all and so untrue. You can't fatten a thoroughbred! :)


I have been eating rubbish food for the last few weeks and now I feel rubbish - tired, grumpy and I have zits on my face. Back into the healthy living on Monday!


Although this is too much of a blanket statement, its true that the food you eat can affect your temperament. A light nutritious meal makes you feel more energetic than a heavy greasy meal which makes you feel more lethargic.


Nothing truer than this statement, eat healthy, live well!


I drink Kombucha tea, which is a 2000 year old tea recipe.

It has lots of good bacteria in it, I stopped drinking it for a while and got tired easily.

Drinking it again now, and feeling much better! It fixes a lot of things.


It occurred to me like a bolt out of the blue one day that this saying isn't just about food.
It also applies to what you fill your mind with - the TV you watch, the things you read, the company you keep.
You are what you eat. It's about so much more than healthy eating (though that's important, too).


I definitely agree. People should really watch what they put into themselves.


its so true - what ever you do eat you turn into - eat badly and you feel bad


Then I must be junk.

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