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OK not a new craze.But I have started doing a few Yoga exercises before I go to work each morning.Nothing major more for relaxation than anything.
I try and clear my mind and listen to some relaxing music.I have been doing this for a few months now and it has really helped me to start the day off less stressed and more positive.
Anyone else doing Yoga?


I went for a year to Yoga and really enjoyed it, beginners class just at the local hall, great for relaxation, we have moved otherwise I would still be going.


I do tai chi but would love to try a beginner's class for leaner muscles and relaxation. It really looks like hard work tho!


I did a Hatha yoga class for a few years and my flexibility, oxygen capacity and energy levels had never been so good, unfortunately the teacher moved on. I do a Bikram class whenever I'm near a centre though, it's tough and you sweat like a mofo but the benefits are fantastic.


I would love to try doing Yoga for my stress levels...help me relax,exercise and for my health's sake...:)


It's great for relaxation and flexibility. I've done it and loved it. Would recommend to others!


I don't do Yoga myself, but I've heard it's great for revitalising your body.


I have a relaxing CD which helps when my mind is racing and I am getting stressed out. It really works, brings me into the now..rather than worrying about things. I think life is so busy these days that sometimes you need something to just help you refocus, whether its yoga or just going for a walk (but leave the mobile ph at home)


If I manage to wake up just a mere 15 minutes before (or not sleep in) doing a tiny bit of yoga makes my day at work instantly better. Much recommended. Especially if you also do a bit more extended practice/classes alongside.


Yoga is great I learn this when I worked in a rest home, it can make you so relaxed and cool you down when its hot

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