Discussing :: would you survive in a zombiepocalypse


would you survive in a zombiepocalypse

Based on your current level of fitness and skills from work or hobbies. Do you think you would be able to last a commendable length of time during a zombie pandemic..

Do you have Tools at your disposal.?

Do you have Skills that can help others or yourself.?

Are you strong or fit enough to survive.?

Or will you just become one of the horde within the hour.??


Nope.......if its anything like on the TV I'd take the easy and cowards way out and top myself!


At least you are honest. haha


There has never been a Zombie Master Chef. They have an extremely limited palette. No herbs or seasoning. No cooking skills. They are not particularly finicky eaters.

In fact, if you disguise yourself as a fruit bowl or salad, they will probably leave you alone.


I think I would survive longer than most but would eventually get careless and have my face eaten.


If you can't beat them, join them. I'm relatively fit and can hide in small spaces.... I'd survive for a while at least.


Sadly honestly i don't think i would survive,i am not that fit of fast so i think they would catch me first.Or they would find me because i would be so scared i would be screaming and give my hiding place away.


Definitely not! I'd be one of the first to die!


judging on the relationships I've had in the past with vacant, zombie like beings, yes, I'll be just fine.


Think ive seen enough zombie tv so that I coule survive


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