Discussing :: World champions at LAST !!! AB,SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


World champions at LAST !!! AB,SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Awesome win,congrats Guys,you guys deserve it !!!!!!!!!


Rosey glow, warm fuzzy feeling, quiet contentment and relief.....it feels like the world is a different place today.....still not sure why RWC threads are ending up in the Health and Fitness forum as it wasn't good for my health (heart palpitations, anxiety, nausea, anger and mood swings) or my fitness (pies, beer, Eta Kettles, pizza, beer, fish and chips and beer).


Dang that was so stressful - I thought I was going to throw up at one stage I was so tense. Congratulations ABs!


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we finALLY WON GOOD JOB BOYS


Finally the master plan has borne fruition- Mr Henry can now retire with all the accolades he deserves and Big Bad Brad Thorn can go down in the sporting annals as one of the truely great Kiwi sportsmen. AWESOMENESS PERSONIFIED !!!


Congratulations for a well deserved will. Although I thought the final was not our best rugby, when you look at the overall performance of our boys over the entire tournament, it's totally deserved. Even with our best (apparently) players out of action we still brought the cup home. Bravo!
Now I'm just hoping this sudden obsession with the sport will bugger off so life can return to normal!

Jason you been drinking a tad, don't you mean "Congrats for a well deserved WIN"

Yesh, I may have beennnnn!

Me three!


We could gotton more on the score bored but yay we won


Good on the AB's a wins a win no matter how close the score.

I heard the French rugby coach and team were out training the other day before the big game with the AB's, he told everyone to assume their normal positions. So they all went and stood behind the goalposts and waited for the conversion.


Isn’t It funny. Happily fishing one week , then being asked to kick winning world cup goal the next. “Yeah Graham I’ll just get some whitebait for the boys as well - no worries”
Shows the depth we have.

Nice one boys you rock. You bought the whole country together.
RWC went off. Proud to say I attended more than my share of games. The organisation meant everything to the success as much as the win did so also hats off to all the volunteers (Team Turquoise)
Magic just magic.
Its great to see all of NZ celebrating as one. Even with all the disruptions the RWC brings(not much I can think of actually)The whole country is in good spirit and for that reason alone we should seek hosting rights again. Looking forward to it returning to NZ already.


Ps. Yes I was also a nervous wreck on Sunday. And Once we won I cheered and cried and partied and cried again (in that order)


It was a battle alright....and I still have a raspy voice to prove it....gosh that last 10 minutes drove me nuts....but what other way could it have ended but in the way it did....lol....I was on tender hooks but such a rush of relief when the time tapped out....boys you know how to keep us going....lol...but in the end a win is a win....


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