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Workout Supplements - good idea?

Has anyone tried pre-workout supplements? They are meant to give you energy to go harder and pump you up. I was thinking of trying one out but I'm not sure if they would be good for me personally.


It would be just as good if you ate the right food and kept up your water intake... supplements are like steroids in a way, I've never had them but I guess many people find them useful. Do you really nee to take them?


I have tried similar products before and ended up feeling worse once the buzz wore off and often headachy. Better to stick with natural products I reckon - since you're doing your body good by working out in the first place!


Some of them have or have equivalent of caffeine I think. So you may have that boost and then a fallout after.


I wouldn't put anything that wasn't natural in to my body...sometimes we need an extra boost especially during the colder months in winter...:)

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