Discussing :: Who Skips Breakfast?


I can't remember the last time I had breakfast. Unless I eat pn the gp!


I used to skip breakfast all the time as never seemed to be enough time in the mornings but for the last 6 months I have worked from home and make sure I have breakfast. Its great my energy levels are much better and I get a tonne more work done!!


i could never ever skip breakfast, it is by far my favourite meal of the day, it really does give you that energy so much needed to get through the rest of the day, i have the same breakfast every day, two weetbix,fruit and low fat milk, and i would not swap it for anything, a cooked breakfast does not ever appeal, too unhealthy and only something i would eat if i were staying in a hotel, yep for me taking me out for breakfast would be a real treat and something i would enjoy so much, they also say those who dont eat breakfast, have much more chance of gaining weight, so all in all it is the most important meal of the day for sure


No I could never skip breakfast. I have toast and peaches every morning.


Even on those rushed mornings, i always make sure i have at least one slice of toast before I head out the door!


I'm always skipping breakfast and by the middle of the day I want a nap! Just don't seem to want to eat in the morning though and get a bit queasy if I do.


Breakfast is my fav meal.....love bacon and scrambled eggs for a treat!!


My mood is definitely a lot better if I have some breakfast. The days I skip can be a bit dicey for people who get up my nose!!!


I always make sure I eat breakfast. As my mum used to tell me its the most important meal for the day. If you skip breakfast you are more likely to crave sugary and fatty foods and in the long term eat more than you intended too in the first place. Mueli, porridge, grainy toast and weet bix are the best breakfast options because they give you sustaining energy and full you for longer.People who eat breakfast have been known to do better at exams and tests beacuse they have more brain power


I never skip breakfast. it is the most important meal of the day I reckon. especially as my job is very physical It really is important to be able to fully function.


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