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Am a breakfast eater! Got sick when i was younger because i kept on missing breakfast. Now, i have to live with a sensitive tummy. If i only knew....so don't develop this bad habit of skipping breakfast. You'll regret it.


well not going to answer that lol.


I'm about 50-50 on the breakfast thing. Sometimes I have it and sometimes not. It doesn't seem to affect me either way so I'm not that convinced about the whole 'most important meal of the day' bit. I'd say it definately is for growing kids and young adults but me at 37? Hmm... like I say half and half both in action and opinion.


I'm starting to think that skipping it is a good idea. I try to eat light because I go out for a run in the mornings - and need something to eat or would pass out - but have been getting stitch for the last couple of weeks. Anyone got any ideas for me? generally I just have a bowl of fruit or a small amount of porridge to get me through.


Interesting topic. Must admit I've been skipping breakfast a bit lately when I'm busy and have noticed that I won't eat as much during the day but do feel a lot more tired. If I have a decent breakfast I often need a good snack a couple of hours later to fill the gap but it does give me the extra energy I need to get to lunch.


After working 20 plus years in Bakeries the last thing you feel like when getting up for an early start is breakfast.Lived on coffee mainly.


I never skip Breakfast. I find that I am hungry all day if I do, usually for unhealthy things. Also for health reasons I feel worse if I don't eat, so even if i'm not hungry I will have a piece of toast.


I start early in the morning and I never know when I'll get a chance to take my first break so I try to grab something for breakfast even if I don't feel like it. Weetbix and toast usually or maybe even leftovers from tea.


My wife has never bothered with breakfast until recently. She always said that she could not stomach food early in the morning. Then, trying to lose the last of the weight gained when she was carrying our son, and having no success she decided to force herself to eat. The results were that she did not feel like morning tea (which was when she would usually have her first meal of the day and really end up going all out because she was so hungry by then), was able to eat a small lunch and then go from then until dinner without constantly feeling hunger pangs. She was amazed how something so simple as taking the time to eat breakfast had changed her eating habits. She by the way, has now reached her pre pregnancy weight.


Heard a saying "breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen, dinner like a pauper". There is no way l can eat a large meal and find small regular meals is best for me. So yes breakfast is very important and should not be skipped if you want to loose weight or remain slim.

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