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I recently read that you should have your first meal within 1 hour from when you woke up to start the metabolism up. So what I do is - I have a 2-egg omelette first thing in the morning with a cuppa, its quite filling and have some proteins to kick start the day. Then, between 2 - 3 hours after that, I have some raw oats and yogurt, the cheap and even healthier version than muesli, and surprisingly tasty! So, I don't skip breakfast - I have 2 of them!! Haha


I always try to eat breakfast - muslie and weetbix, but I am terrible at being late and then I wont eat until dinner sometimes, my wife is always on my case


I always use to hate breakfast but once becoming a personal training and working out its amazing what your body can do once its been fueled up with some breakfast !!!!


I used to be a big breakfast skipper. Reading all about how the body needs something in the morning to get it going and work effectly made me change that idea pretty quickly though - didn't take long for me to be able to start performing better with a full tummy compared with an empty one. My fav breakfasts - fruit salad, porridge, pancakes, eggs on toast, protein shake - all depends on how quickly I have to get out the door!


Always I never feel hungry when I wake. So usually just drink too much coffee until mid morning. And have a snack then.


i used to always skip breaky, but if your trying to lose weight and get healthy its best to have a decent breaky and smaller dinner, well it worked for me anyways plus plenty of exercise lol.


Cornflakes every day for me


theres no way I'd skip breaky even if its 11am got to have my toast and coffee, or eggs on toast and weetbix. Lunch is then about 4pm then and a light tea at 7.30pm


Depends whos buying..ill never skip breakfast ever again


If I get up and go for a run or a ride I skip it then eat when I get back. Rather then having a heavy feeling in the gut when I,m moving

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