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I would never, ever skip breakfast: I get way too hungry in the morning! Bring on the 4 weetbix, 2 pieces of toast and coffee thanks :)


I usually have brunch or sometimes just lunch


I skip brekkie, but I normally have a muesli bar around 10am, then make sure lunch is healthy and filling.


I use to skip it, but would find I had no concentration till image something!!!


I normally have a couple pieces of fruit and a yoghurt for breakfast. Not the hugest meal but no quite skipping it. Ive never been a huge breakfast eater though and i somethings probably better then nothing


I have never skipped breakfast... even when feeling sick I've always managed a few bites at least. It's usually porridge in winter and toast or cereal in the summer. I often used to skip lunch though... I suppose that;s not too bad as skipping out on the most important meal of the day!


Never miss my breakfast. An absolute must to survive a busy day. Starts your body the right way. I am truly surprised by the number of 30 somethings dringking energy drinks for breakfast. I suppose they will pay the price in their 50's.


I am trying not to.


The days that I haven't had breakfast are the days that I was grumpy and famished by the time lunch rolled around, you end up pigging out if you don't start the day right and it's really bad for the metabolism!


I know you should eat brekkie - but it just makes me sick if I do when I get up - I like to 'break fast' around 10 in the morning.

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